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Custom Power Supply, Power Adapter Manufacturer

Power Adapter Solutions

Power adapter is a power supply conversion device for small portable electronic devices and electronic appliances. Its working principle is converted from an AC input to a DC output, and can be set to constant current or constant voltage working mode. According to the connection method, it can be divided into wall-mounted and desktop. Widely used in 3D printers, laptops, security cameras, routers, photographic equipment, massage equipment and other equipment.

Custom Power Supply, Battery Charger Manufacturer

Battery Charger Solutions

Battery charger is a charging device for robots, electric skateboards, electric bicycles, power tools, digital electronics, etc. Generally consists of the shell, power conversion, charging detection, charging protection and other parts, its output type is pure DC or pulsating DC. According to the type of battery it is charged, it can be divided into lithium battery charger, LiFePO4 battery charger, lead acid battery charger, and NIMH battery charger.

Custom Power Supply Manufacturer

LED Driver Solutions

With the rapid development of LED lighting technology, LED driver plays an increasingly important role in the LED industry. The life and reliability of the LED driver directly affect the service life of the LED light source. Many indoor indirect lighting or outdoor decorative lighting used LED DC 12V or 24V light strips. At present, Fuyuang's LED driver power supply can operate stably and reliably for 3-5 years due to its high efficiency and high quality. At the same time, we can provide excellent IP67 waterproof drive power for outdoor lighting solutions.

DC-DC Converter

The DC-DC converter is a voltage converter that effectively outputs a fixed voltage after converting the input voltage, and is mostly used in the fields of solar charging, vehicle charging, automotive electronics, and aerospace. The DC-DC converter converts the 12V 24V DC voltage of solar panels or cars into a DC voltage required by the target deviceto charge or power the target device. For example, a DC-DC converter can be used to charge an electric bicycle with a solar panel.

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Fuyuan Electronic Co.,Ltd was set up in 2005, which is a professional manufacturer, mainly specializes in Battery Charger, Power Adapter and LED Power Supply. The company is located in Dongguan China, with an 8000sqm self-built factory, existing staff 200 people, certified by ISO 9001: 2015,ISO14000: 2015 and QCO80000: 2015. With a 30-year senior engineer team, the company is integrated with product design, R&D and production as a whole, it only takes 10 days to design and develop a brand-new product.


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Company Introduction


As an excellent Manufacturing Electrical Equipment & Supplies Power Supplies company, Fuyuan Electronic Co., Ltd mainly provides Battery Charger for customers.

Fuyuan's Battery Charger series are created based on unremitting efforts. Fuyuan is certified by various qualifications. We have advanced production technology and great production capability. 

Battery Charger has many advantages such as reasonable structure, excellent performance, good quality, and affordable price.

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Fuyuan has created a number of successful series, including Battery Charger, Power Adapter,  LED Driver and DC-DC Converter. Fuyuan has the ability to meet different needs. Battery Charger is available in multiple types and specifications. The quality is reliable and the price is reasonable. Fuyuan has first-class manufacture technique of electric equipment and professional service team. We produce and supply our existing electric equipment. Fuyuan is dedicated to constantly providing efficient services based on customer demand.

At present, 60W-800W high-power products take the leading position in the switching power supply industry.


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