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LED Driver

LED driver refers to power adjustment electronics that drive LED illumination or LED module components to work properly. Due to the on-characteristics of the LED PN junction, the range of voltage and current variations that can be accommodated is very narrow. A slight deviation may not illuminate the LED or cause a significant decrease in luminous efficiency, or shorten the service life or even burn the chip. Current commercial power supplies and common battery power supplies are not suitable for direct supply to LEDs. LED power drivers are electronic components that drive LEDs to operate at optimum voltage or current.


Since LED applications are used in almost every field of electronics applications, changes in luminous intensity, light color, and on-off control are almost unpredictable, so LED drivers become almost one-to-one servo devices, making them very customizable.


According to the driving method, it can be divided into: constant current LED driver and constant voltage LED driver.

The output current of the constant current driver is constant, and the DC voltage of the output varies within a certain range according to the magnitude of the load resistance. The load resistance is small, the output voltage is low, the load resistance is larger, and the output voltage is also higher. The constant voltage driver is just the opposite, the output voltage is fixed, and the output current changes with the load increase and decrease.


At present, Fuyuang mainly produces indoor LED drivers and IP67 waterproof LED drivers, and both have passed the LED Driver international safety standard IEC/EN61347. Widely used in emergency lights, street lights, scene lights, stage lights, showcase lights and photographic LED equipment, with its perfect protection function, high reliability, high efficiency, high power factor and other characteristics are favored by the global LED industry.


Fuyuang’s all types of LED drive have passed the global certifications such as UL/cUL, ETL, FCC, CE(EMC&LVD), TUV/GS, CB, RoHS, Reach, KC, PSE, RCM(SAA&C-TICK), CCC, which can save the waiting time of the certification cycle for you.

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