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5v dc power supply for breadboard using phone charger

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-29
Hi all, in this note I will show how to make a very simple 5 v DC power supply for the breadboard, using the old one (or a new)
USB phone charger
The output DC voltage for mobile phone charging is usually about 5 v.
Let\'s start.
Most of the components used can be found in our home.
Here is a list of the materials I need. MATERIALS:1)An Old (or a new)
USB phone charger with cable. 2)BreadBoard3)
Single stock line 4)Multi meter (
Test output)5)Wire cutter6)Solder (
Optional to make things more convenient)
This is the main part of this simple project, which is almost finished once completed.
Use the wire cutting machine to wire the USB into two.
Here, we will use the components that fit the USB charger.
Use a wire cutter or blade at the cutting end to remove part of the insulation (
Be careful when using blades).
The USB cable has four smaller lines inside the outer layer.
Among them, there are two wires used to transmit data (
This is a white and green wire)
And the other two carry current/power (
This is the Silver Line and the red line.
Please refer to the fourth picture in this step to see what I mean. )
These are the wires we need.
This may vary depending on the wire, so use moremeter.
Cut off the data line.
We will have two forces in the end.
Weld the power cord of the USB cable to two separate single wires.
This is mainly to make it more convenient while connecting to the breadboard.
Keep in mind the insulation we removed before, which can be used as a jacket covering the welded part.
Finally connect the USB cable to the phone charger.
Connect two single wires to the breadboard and power on, now we have a 5 v DC power supply to power our circuit.
In my case, the output voltage likes to be 5. 20 +/-0. 05 V.
PS: The same method can be followed to supply power to any other device that requires a 5 V voltage (
Or less, use the appropriate voltage divider)to run.
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