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A common problem of the power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-18
Power adapter is used widely, decided to our life a lot of the use of electrical and electronic equipment and charging, especially convenient mobile devices, laptops and so on, so the quality problem of the power adapter is a problem, we are focused on, in fact, there are many quality problems in power adapter. Factory introduction to power adapter today should pay attention to what aspects. 1, product identification is incomplete or not specification. Labels should contain information that is important to guide users to install and use right. Proper labeling products is one of the basic measures to ensure users' personal and property safety. Mark need durability and compelling. After normal use, marking should not fall off, content should be clean and distinction. The common problem is that there is no Chinese label, there is no factory name or trademark, such as no model code or specifications. May be fake and inferior products. 2, under normal working conditions of heating is not in conformity with the requirements. The function of the power adapter is to change the voltage. In the process of voltage conversion, because of the loss, need to consume a part of the electricity. After the electrical energy is converted into heat energy, part of the heat by radiation and convection and conduction transfer to the surrounding environment. The other part of the heat itself is absorbed, make the temperature of the power adapter warming. So when the temperature of the surrounding environment is too high, we should stop the use of the power adapter. 3, short circuit and overload, there is hidden safety hidden trouble. Or in the output short circuit, capacitor diode under the condition of short circuit, the internal loss of the power adapter has increased dramatically, lead to the temperature rise of each part. Electronic circuit design and the application shall ensure that work in the abnormal and fault conditions, product temperature rise of each part can not exceed the prescribed requirements, otherwise the consequences of short circuit. Even can cause fire.
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