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A digital camera common battery classification

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-18
The current digital camera rely mainly on batteries, only indoors with variable pressure power only. But, perhaps many friends don't think digital camera battery, and how important is not necessary to care too much about it, can will do. Users in the use of digital cameras in all aspects of the process. 1, related to the use of user cost. A digital camera is 'eat DianLaoHu', electricity is very strong, one of my friends in Canon a70 traveling with ten days of alkaline batteries, he bought the pair is five dollars, 10 to 50 yuan is, therefore, we can say so, battery accounted for digital cameras use cost, but the biggest proportion, if can buy a suitable for your battery words, it can help you save a lot of money, to reduce your use cost. 2, related to digital camera shooting time. Due to a digital camera is 'eat DianLaoHu', so who expect their batteries, not with his long time to just took several photos of them the power went out. While most can spirit of be just have no electricity comes the best shooting opportunity, this for some professional users, journalists or enthusiast, it's how sorry ah! However, different types of battery life and the sustainable use of the time there is considerable difference in price, and there is also a large gap, how can the need according to oneself buy suits own batteries? You can find the answers in this article. A digital camera, common battery classification Digital camera battery probably can be divided into alkaline batteries, hydrogen battery and lithium battery, ni-cd rechargeable battery has memory effects due on price, and didn't advantage etc factors out already basically market, in this no longer say, let's come in analysing the advantages and disadvantages of three kinds of battery? Hydrogen battery Hydrogen battery full called nimh batteries. It is the most active on the market at present, has become a battery of digital camera batteries, mainstream its advantage is: 1, strong commonality. Digital camera users mainly for hydrogen battery and didn't like it, modelling mobile hydrogen electric 'unique', is suitable only for specific brand or model, but for most machines using digital camera users use, even if the original is alkaline batteries with standard digital camera can also general, because it's almost unanimously modelling and alkaline batteries, but also does not exist not compatible with problems. 2, rechargeable performance is good. Hydrogen battery charging commonly more than 1,000 times can be repeated, absolutely not unsafe, and memory effect is very small, may at any time the charging operation. 3, price moderate. At present, the market price of hydrogen battery in general a ranging from 10 to 20 multiple, such as Olympus original battery (capacity of the mah 1450, 50-55 yuan can buy section 4), SONY (17.5 mah battery unit 20 yuan), etc. In addition, the brand such as JJJ, next-gen performance also nimh batteries, price also reasonable well. At present the most common use when the battery number gp super, the author is currently using hydrogen battery, the year before the gp buy, four sections plus a charger only 80 yuan, the price is higher. 4, replaceable strong. Because hydrogen battery and alkaline batteries modelling, and can replace almost unanimously, so, if users use during the journey the electric and hydrogen battery charging and couldn't find the place, can be to nearby shops to buy alkaline battery substitutes, very convenient. Hydrogen battery drawback is one-time investment than alkaline batteries, but from long-term to calculate, price is higher than the alkaline batteries. Another drawback is durable sex than lithium battery, and lithium battery to heavier than. Alkaline batteries Alkaline batteries whole called alkaline xinmeng batteries. We compare the familiar duracell, energizer, gp, ShuangLu, NaFu, etc., are alkaline batteries (aa battery). Alkaline batteries by most electronic product support, such as former radio is almost are used in alkaline batteries. At present, most domestic digital camera support alkaline batteries, only some foreign brand some types of digital camera does not support alkaline batteries. Due to the low cost of manufacture alkaline batteries, so price also cheap, a pair of cheap 5 alkaline batteries just one yuan or so, expensive also five yuan, relative to some teens and few yuan even hundreds of dollars of hydrogen, the lithium battery speaking, price advantage is very apparent. Secondly, alkaline batteries buying very convenient, general stores are selling, unlike hydrogen attendant. battery and lithium battery, going to computer city or store to buy. However, alkaline batteries faults are also many: 1, will flow 'pus'. Some quality more bad use the lead skin as enclosure, the battery didn't completely sealed with long will flow 'pus', that is, the outflow some corrosive liquid out. These liquid if it flows into the machine, it is apt to cause a short circuit, the circuit of the machine is quite serious corrosion. Of course, current main alkaline batteries shell are with sealed steel shell. However, the price of this kind of batteries are usually very expensive, such as better point a pair of duracell to 5-7 dollars, but generally locally produced battery also need 4 yuan a pair. The use of user cost is higher. 2, charging sex is bad, accumulative total use cost is high. Most people think alkaline batteries not charging, actually this is an error. Practice has proved, alkaline batteries are not not charging, for example, the author buy previously a miniature recorder with variable pressure power is the charge of alkaline batteries of function. Therefore, 'professional' LiuDianLin still fighting in March this year will 'panasonic', 'energizer' waiting to name a court battery makers, and points out that these firms in the alkaline batteries attention matters warning: 'recharge, placed error or input fire, all easy cause the battery explosion or leakage.' Is not the correct statement, seriously misled consumers, belong to infringe upon the consumers' right to know. But, while defense argued, such as chemical reaction mechanism according to forced alkaline batteries charge or repeated, may make the battery charging internal produce gas, and may explode. Of course, the occurrence of explosion is a possibility, do not belong to inevitable happened. The author believes that, the defense statement is right, alkaline batteries although in theory can charge, but its rechargeable performance is not good, even if the electric use time filling nor long, author will use overcharge CLP alkaline batteries, therefore, alkaline batteries really had better not to charge the operation. Three, not very suitable for digital camera to use. General small electronic equipment needed, such as power supply voltage is not high miniature radio just very low voltage can be normal use, therefore, before many friends in other machines will use up battery used to listening to the radio. And digital camera is different, use it to filming, flash to use lots of electricity, and imaging process, storage photo process and so on to use the electricity, therefore, a digital camera to power supply voltage, low voltage absolute demand is higher than a 1.3-megapixel took the photo above, so, general digital camera use four sections of the battery, although at present has just two batteries digital camera sell, but the imaging result will be discounted. This time, digital camera users if use alkaline batteries words, battery after a period of using its voltage will has dropped off, when to certain degree is useless, at this time, if the user and the electronic products such as mp3 music word can also be used to listen to, in addition to what or radio, the battery is almost useless, created a lot of waste. Lithium batteries And compared with the volume of hydrogen battery, lithium ion battery light energy than 30 to 40 percent, but, and almost 60% higher than no memory effects, durability is also very good, long service life, this is the biggest advantage of lithium batteries, but lithium battery also has a lot of disadvantages: 1, most shape is unified, generality is not strong. At present, most digital cameras of lithium battery and cell phone battery is same, modelling and ordinary alkaline batteries almost completely different, different brand of digital camera used lithium battery modelling are may not is same, if the user to replace the original battery, you should buy original battery, due to the battery manufacturer has monopoly advantage, so the price also is usually on the high side, hundreds of yuan a is not rare, though some compatible with a brand non-genuine of lithium battery sell, but performance is poor, buy a higher risk of quality. At the same time, because of lithium battery manufacturing complex, users may appear compatible battery explosion accidents, for example, according to reports, Europe when he appeared in last year by using compatible ten Pope lithium battery and explosion accidents. In addition, lithium battery as profits is higher, fake is much also, users easy to buy counterfeit of lithium battery. 2, the price is expensive. Due to the high cost of manufacture lithium-ion batteries, it led directly to its price is very high also, price poorer. Three, change isn't convenient. Because most of the lithium battery modelling are and alkaline batteries is different, so natural cannot and alkaline battery replacement use, when the user only a battery in the wild, digital camera with the lithium electricity, and couldn't find the place, charging cannot be used Digital camera to film, and therefore might miss some very valuable lens. Second, how to choose to suit oneself batteries? Want a choose and buy to suit their own battery, you should see what you are types of digital camera users. 1, ordinary digital camera users For most ordinary digital camera users, the author recommends buying hydrogen battery, because it although one-time buy than the costs of some high alkaline batteries, but from long-term measure, its use cost is lower than alkaline batteries, and persistent power supply will greatly superior to alkaline batteries. Of course, for those who just occasionally clap one taking pictures of digital camera users, alkaline batteries can also be used as an consider 'object'. 2, professional users and digital camera enthusiast This class user best buy lithium battery, because of lithium battery sustainable power supply voltage stability, and best shot, if go out, can take two pieces of even 3 go to, of course, its use cost is very substantial. But from another Angle to analysis, at present many digital camera manufacturers in order to obtain more profits, many high-end digital camera has adopted with other brand camera compatible lithium battery, which for some professional or enthusiast, it seems that there are few alternatives, have to purchase the lithium battery power supply with digital camera. Finally to warn broad customer, currently even consumer digital camera, also have a lot of does not support alkaline and hydrogen battery,Camcorder Battery but a piece of this camera with standard special lithium-ion batteries. When the choose and buy a digital camera, the author found that many of my friends like to buy this kind of bring battery digital camera, think so at least can earn a battery to use, the don't know is that manufacturers of the trap. Because the majority of own battery digital camera general use is special lithium battery, this kind of battery usually only the factory to produce, and gm's battery is not compatible, that is to say, you bought in computer city or store brand battery than this cannot be used. For example Olympus some models of the digital camera is used their special lithium-ion batteries. Special lithium battery as only the brand digital camera manufacturers to produce, so have the monopoly advantage, the price is usually very expensive, if a user to replace the battery only buy original battery. In addition, this class user battery if not the fault of words, battery using a few years should not is a problem, nothing serious, if broke down, even in 3 packets of period, WeiXiuShang will also find excuses black you one hundred or even hundreds of dollars money, then you'll tears. It will be in virtually greatly increase the use of user, especially for the extra cost of buying a piece of lithium battery enough users (such as tourism enthusiasts) is even more so. Moreover, special batteries commonly only the computer city just lost, and the user's battery if sold out, while in travel only filling way, generally can't find the ac power, this will give the user to bring a lot of inconvenience. Although at present the also have some corresponding compatible lithium battery to sell, but quality usually haven't quality hydrogen battery good, price is low, but also easy occurrence quality accident. Besides 'the wool, marking the sheep' with a lithium battery digital camera prices higher than similar products certainly.
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