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A high quality energy saving power adapter charger considerations

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-31
【 The energy saving power adapter 】 The same machine, the power of the others had, I always very hot, why? Don't doubt your power supply has a problem, first check your computer's doing, as it says two USB hard drive, CPU run at full speed, hard drive crazy to read and write, read the disk drive full speed to recharge the battery at the same time, playing the music loud, screen brightness, the largest wireless network card has been detection signal, and so on, to make good use of power management, according to the tasks reasonably adjust the working state of the laptop is very important. Nominal voltage of laptop battery voltage is much higher than I am, not an accident? Above all, want to know is that the power supply to power a laptop battery to power a laptop is different. Batteries, battery dc output is pure, clean, battery voltage is neither possible nor need to design high, lithium battery chemistry determines the output voltage of the section batteries can only be 3. Around 6 v, so many batteries are with the method of level 3 series, 10. 8 v has become very popular battery voltage. Some nominal value than 3 of the battery. 6 v integer times larger, such as 3. 7 v or 11. 2 v, etc. , is in order to protect the batteries. Power supply, the situation is complicated, you first need to add further zener voltage filtering, so as to ensure the power supply stable work performance is not good situation, zener voltage is divided into two parts, all the way to power a laptop to work, the other all the way to recharge the battery, to power a laptop with the part of the battery at the same time, and the part of the need to recharge the battery through the battery charging control circuit can be added on the batteries, control circuit can be complex, so the power supply voltage must be greater than have sufficient power supply to recharge batteries voltage control circuit of each unit. The last really added to the voltage on the batteries will never is your power supply of the nominal voltage. Had been at ease. An appropriate power adapter is requires a safety certificate, have the safety certificate of power adapter can protect the personal safety. Prevent electric shock, fire and other dangers.
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