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About thermal considerations in the design of the power adapter _

by:Fuyuang     2021-01-09
About the heat dissipation considerations in the design of the power adapter, 2020-815 09 - 14 14:54:06 cooling is to ensure that the power adapter the important condition of safe and reliable work. Temperature is too high, will cause changes in performance of the power adapter, and even cause the failure of the power adapter, therefore, control the temperature, so that they don't exceed the limits set by the reliability is the basic task of heat dissipation design. Power adapter working temperature range of components has certain requirements, if more than the limit temperature, will cause a change, the working state of power supply and make electronic devices cannot be stable and reliable work, shorten its service life, even causes the damage of electronic equipment. 1. The selection of radiator. The choice of the radiator is on the premise of guarantee sufficient heat, should choose as far as possible the radiator of small size, light weight, which can save space inside machine, reduce the total weight of the power adapter. 2. The installation of radiator. Should choose as far as possible when installing radiator radiator thermal resistance small installations. 3. Try to reduce the interface thermal resistance. Radiator surface should be smooth, bright and clean, to reduce the radiator and the contact thermal resistance of the power semiconductors, the attention should be paid to the interface between the flat and smooth. If the interface is smooth, bright and clean and no oxide layer, which can not add gasket, otherwise should be coated with silicone or add thermal conductive gasket. 4. Coating of the radiator. The radiation ability, to increase the radiator fin surface should be coated a layer of black paint or oxide coating of high radiation coefficient, priority should be to choose a black coating of the radiator, and should protect coating from being damaged. 5. The installation of radiator. Power device installed in the radiator, the mounting hole size should be consistent with fixed hole the size of the power semiconductors, hole shoulds not be too big, also shoulds not be too small. 6. The installation position of the power semiconductors. Power semiconductor shall be installed in the center of the radiator. If in the same radiator with multiple power semiconductors, the first approximation of the semiconductor power according to the proportion of the heat sink divided into several parts, each of the semiconductor in the center of the corresponding parts, as far as possible to make uniform heat radiator, increase the cooling efficiency. 7. The placement of the radiator. Should as far as possible to make direct contact with the radiator power outside of the air flow, make the environment temperature is reduced. At the same time can improve the effect of convective heat transfer of radiator.
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