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ac power adapters - do i really need them?

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-11
So far you have decided where you want to go and if you have read my AC adapter article you know if you need to bring some AC power adapters.
Unfortunately, like many things in life, there are no exact rules for managing travel adapters.
Even if you know your destination uses the same type of AC plug, I would suggest you bring the power adapter with you.
Many tropical resorts only have power outlets without ground.
So if you have a ground plug (
Like on your laptop)
You need an AC power adapter to convert it to nonGround socket.
North Americans please remember that many of your non-
The ground plug is polarized. (ie.
They can only fit in one way).
You may need an AC wall adapter in many countries because their sockets do not accept polarized plugs.
If you are traveling to the UK, you should be particularly careful about which AC adapter you are bringing.
There is no standardized system for AC adapters in the UK and there are actually several different types of wall sockets, so you may need to purchase a travel adapter once you arrive at the hotel.
If so, you can find the foreign plug adapter in the local hardware store.
These AC wall adapters are relatively cheap and I suggest you bring a few.
The power adapter is easy to lose and other travelers will want to borrow an adapter from you.
Always carry at least one AC adapter handy with you maybe in your backpack-
Because you don\'t want to be caught when you need a power adapter.
Please do not forget that these power adapter plugs do not convert power.
Please check my power converter page for more information.
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