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by:Fuyuang     2020-07-11
AJA Exo-Skeleton for Ki Pro This is a closest frame for the Ki Pro that can both accumulate to a support and provide a mount for camcorder on top this arrangement allows convenient access to controls AJA Ki Pro Mini Mounting Plate This AJA Accessories allows user to mount Ki Pro Mini to third-party devices. The plate can be fixed to the mini Cam via four supplied screws. This plate can be attached to either or both sides of Mini audio recorder. A large number of screw holes in the plate allow user to comrade Mini to third-Party battery plates, hot-shoe adapters and other mounting applications. AJA Ki Pro Rod Accessory Kit Rod accessory kit affixes endplates to the Exo-skeleton so user can connect two user-supplied 15mm camera accessory rods. It has knobs to adjust the height of the rod brackets according to the camera, in addition to a set of knobs for protecting the rods in the brackets. AJA Stand & Adapter Cable for Ki Pro Mini AJA stand is useful for firmly holds the mini Audio Recorder Mini upright on a small table, sill, or any flat surface. With this stand a right angle power cable is obtainable for easy link between the power supply and the camcorder. If you want the most modern Camcorder Accessories of AJA to make every shooting environment safe than you can easily buy any of these Accessory Kit at reasonable rate from online Electronic Bazaar or offline store.
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