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American grade DOE6 SK03T of energy efficiency power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-04-30
SK03T power adapter, concise design, standard DC interface, charging power is 24 w, 12 v2a support. In the process of charging voltage adaptive output, charging less heat. Pay attention to the materials and workmanship SK03T power adapter with superior materials, factory production process, ensure the security and stability of product performance; The shell adopts high fire rating of PC material. Professional engineers within the power supply design multiple protection circuit, thereby ensuring the safety of charging layers of protection and security to secure. Your security we can ignore? Always adhere to strict quality inspection standards, work through the high and low temperature cycle test, low temperature impact test, salt spray test, drop test, plug durability testing, the fire test and so on many test, ensure factory every product through the strict test and inspection, safe and reliable.
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