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Any suppliers selling motorcycle battery charger at ex-works price?
Fuyuan Electronic Co., Ltd provides many types of pricing; EXW is included. If you choose an ex-works price, you have to arrange transportation all the way out of our warehouse to the final destination. And you are responsible for export process.

As culture developed, Fuyuang was developing its innovative capability to make led driver. Fuyuan focuses on providing a variety of li ion battery charger for customers. The product has fine surfaces smoothness. The milling and polishing treatment has removed any surface defections such as burrs and sags. It has the LED indicator to show the charging state. The product not only helps ease the pressure and pain put on the feet, but also offers certain shock protection to the feet during walking. Fuyuan

We are marching forwards a more environmental-friendly and greener production way. We promise to eliminate any practices that will harm society and our environment. For example, during production, the waste will be carefully handled by our QC team.
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