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apple: nearly 90% of \\\'genuine\\\' iphone chargers on amazon ...

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-11
Have you ever purchased an iPhone charger from Amazon.
Com just realized it didn\'t work properly?
This is because Apple revealed that most iPhone and iPad adapters and charging cables labeled \"real\" and \"official\" are actually fake.
So Apple recently filed a lawsuit against Amazon.
Com supplier Mobile Star LLC is suspected of trademark infringement, according to PatentlyApple.
Apple purchased a number of chargers from Mobile Star LLC for safety testing and determined that the products were \"poorly structured, poor or missing components, defective design, and insufficient electrical insulation \".
But because of Amazon.
Consumers believe the fake iPhone charger is true.
Because these products are sold directly by Amazon.
Using Apple\'s product marketing images, these products look more authentic.
A fake power adapter product tested by Apple has an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN)B012YEWP2K. Amazon.
Com recently deleted the product page, but PatentlyApple took a screenshot and comment of the page from the customer in advance.
The product title of the project is: \"Apple 5w USB wall charger power adapter with 1 m Lightning cable for iPhone 5/5c/5S/6 Plus.
The price of the product is $9.
35 for Amazon Prime users, the description is \"shipped from Amazon and sold by Amazon \". com.
\"After a few hours of use on the first day, the charger is on fire! ! !
A product buyer said.
\"I was shocked that sellers and Amazon support selling such products.
After reading the reviews and choosing this product from several products in the market, I was very disappointed with the experience of this product.
Also, I bought three for my family due to favorable reviews and pricing.
Don\'t make the same mistakes as me.
\"Apple has purchased more than 100 iPhone devices, chargers and other Lightning cables listed as genuine by Amazon.
Com suppliers, and determine that most of the products are fake and risky.
These products may be dangerous, because even in normal use, it may cause fire or cause fatal electric shocks to consumers due to \"insufficient Electrical Insulation.
\"In the past nine months, as part of the brand protection effort, Apple has purchased more than 100 iPhone devices, Apple power products, and the Lightning cables sold by Amazon sellers are genuine.
Delivered through Amazon\'s \"Amazon fulfillment\" program.
\"Apple\'s internal inspection and testing of these products shows that almost 90% of the products are fake,\" Apple said in the lawsuit . \".
Mobile Star is also reportedly selling fake Apple products through Groupon.
Apple says its reputation may be damaged when consumers buy products they think are real, but eventually it fails. After Amazon.
Apple notified com of the issue and the products were removed from the online market.
Amazon issued a statement through 9to5Mac saying it has \"zero tolerance\" for the sale of counterfeit products and actively pursues \"criminals \".
\"Apple is suing Mobile Star for legal damages of up to $150,000 against each registered copyright.
Apple also demanded legal damages of up to $2,000,000 per counterfeit trademark for each item sold by mobile stars. Amazon.
Com did not become Apple\'s target in the lawsuit.
If you want to know if the USB power adapter is real, then you should make sure there is an Apple logo on it that says \"designed by Apple in California \".
\"What should the adapter look like: What do you think about Apple\'s aggressive stance against counterfeiters on Amazon. com?
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