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Are we informed about led power supply 24v weight and volume after shipment?
After delivering the goods, Fuyuan Electronic Co., Ltd will provide detailed information about the delivery's weight and volume for customers. Depending on the differences in destinations, product varieties, and customers' preferences for delivering ways, there are various kinds of delivering ways for customers to choose from. At our company, we recommend sea transportation, and also, air freight is available. The charging standard for these two methods is different due to the wide varieties of goods and different packaging. The sea transportation may be more cost-effective. When calculating the sea freight, we first calculate the product volume based on the quantity quoted and then find out the freight rate corresponding to the destination port of the goods. Compared with air freight, sea transportation is highly recommended.

Fuyuang has been devoting to offering the most professional support and best quality li ion battery charger for clients. Fuyuan focuses on providing a variety of laptop adapter for customers. The product is characterized by easy operation. Due to its user-friendly design, its functional parameters can be easily adjusted according to different working modes. Using high quality cables, the product features great conductivity. This truly exceptional product allows people's foot to function like a healthy barefoot inside the shoe. It offers protection to the feet against impact. Built-in advanced synchronous rectifier smart chip and EMI filter, the product effectively reduces electromagnetic interference.

All of our employees are devoted to increasing our influence in this industry. We will keep up with the market trends and offer customers the lowest possible prices with premium quality. We hope by word-of-mouth, our brand will be known by more potential clients.
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