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are you actually ready for life off the grid?

by:Fuyuang     2020-01-11
Life away from the grid is the decision of the way of life.While this requires the planning, commitment and active participation of homeowners, the off-site returnsGrid life is of great significance.First, the cost of off-grid solar power generation systems is the only electricity bill that homeowners will receive.In essence, the price of electricity is paid in advance at a price better than the existing price.The growth rate of utility companies.Next, homeowners benefit from self-awareness.Adequate and independent living away from the web.Finally, the owner of a properly designed and maintained off-grid solar power generation system creates a better future for everyone: by using renewable solar, their impact on the environment will be reduced.Incentives are also provided in the form of a 30% federal tax credit that applies to the total cost of the solar system.This is 30% of the price of the whole system, including installed components and Labor.If you plan to install it yourself, you can only apply the system components to the tax credit.You can save a little anyway.Off-The grid solar power generation system varies greatly due to the load that will be placed on the system and the general environment of the construction site.Cost may be the biggest consideration when selecting off-site scalePower grid system.The main components used to build the system are the module shelf system and the deep cycle battery pack.These separate sections will determine how much power is generated, how much power is available when converting to Home current, and how much power is spare.When designing off-grid solar power generation system, energy efficiency is the most important.The cost of the system is determined by its size, and the size of the system is determined by the appliances the homeowner intends to use.Cooling, heating and air-Air conditioning is a typical necessity. when writing a system proposal, these appliances and their power consumption are first measured.Next is the appliance, and if the appliance generates heat, such as a toaster, coffee maker or dishwasher, their use is more driven by the choice, because these items consume a lot of energy, so it needs to be carefully considered.As a standard home, off-grid solar power generation systems provide a variety of comfort and convenience.They usually achieve this by considering high levels of efficiency, rather than making huge investments in electricity production.The minimum system provides only DC (DC) voltage.These systems are perfect for camping and vacation cabins, providing energy for simple living through lighting and even entertainment systems.The prices of these solar systems range from $3500 to $5000.Add more solar panel modules to increase your charging capacity.Add a power inverter and now you can get an AC (AC) power supply just like a home that normally supplies power.Many off-grid power inverters also include battery chargers that work with generators to back up solar PV module arrays as a source of charging for battery packs.The larger the power inverter, the larger the built-in charger.These power inverters have a built-in conversion switch that allows your AC circuit to run out of the generator while the battery is charging.The size of the battery pack depends on the amount of spare power required, and also on the available charging capacity.It is important that the deep cycle battery is fully charged regularly.The installation of solar panel modules is another consideration that affects the cost of the installation system.These can be shelf systems installed on the roof or on the ground, or hybrid systems that handle the number of solar panel modules required.The larger system offers the convenience of many or all of the standards, and the price of the grid-bundled houses ranges from $13000 to higher.There are actually no restrictions on the size of the system.More Watts equals more dollars!
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