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As more and more people are trying to quit smoking

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-07
Mini electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke and do not contain carbon dioxide as tobacco cigarettes do. This makes them safe for those around you and safer for you to 'smoke'. A mini electronic cigarette provides you with the look and feel of smoking without many of the harmful chemicals that are contained in tobacco. The starter kits are available in many different varieties including mini electronic cigarette size in regular and menthol flavors as well as full sized standard electronic cigarettes. Starter kits cost around $29 and can cost up to $69 at The starter kits include a cartridge, a battery, a charger and an atomizer. It is said that smoking a mini electronic cigarette is just like smoking a tobacco burning cigarette, just without the harmful smoke and carbon dioxide. Many are using the mini electronic cigarette to help them kick the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Starter kits for the mini electronic cigarette will usually contain enough product to get you started. Refills can also be purchased at Free shipping is available as well. With this kit you will get product that is equivalent to that of 120 cigarettes for $29. The lithium battery can be recharged a minimum of 300 times. So in addition to the mini electronic cigarettes being more healthy and safer for you to smoke, they are also less expensive than tobacco cigarettes. The mini electronic cigarette can be used in areas where it has been traditionally frowned upon for smokers. Because there is no smoke involved, it is safe for those around you and does not harm others. Mini electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity world wide. With the starter kits being economical and easy to order as well as the added health benefits of the electronic cigarettes, it appears that the tobacco companies definitely have some competition.
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