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aspire gives extended battery life -

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-18
Looking for compatible batteries for your Acer Aspire laptop?BatteryEdge.Comis is an online source for buying Acer Aspire laptopedia at a relatively low price.Aline for Acer PCs and laptopsAspireis is very convenient for individuals and professionals.
Acer launched the Aspire 1151 series in 1999.This series completely surpasses the Acer power series at 2002.Recently, laptops are more common than PCs.
As a result, the demand for laptop batteries has also increased.It is very important to choose a compatible battery for your laptop, otherwise the laptop may be compromised.Acer has introduced a range of batteries that are compatible with different models of the series.
All of these batteries have no memory effect and can be charged at any time.Most of them have a one-year warranty.Acer Aspire 3000: this is a high-powered battery.Performance lithium ion rechargeable battery.
Their battery life is prolonged with no memory effect.The device has a one-year warranty.It has a capacity of 4400 mAh.The unit also provides a voltage of 14.80V.Acer Aspire for a month.1: This is another simple-to-Charged battery with lithium ion.It has a capacity of 7200 mAh and gives about 11.
The equipment is also supported by the manufacturer\'s one-year warranty.Acer Aspire 5500: with the usual one-year warranty support, the capacity of this high-performance rechargeable unit is 4800 mAH and the voltage is 11.1V.It has a 6 hour battery life and is ideal for home and office use as it can be charged anytime, anywhere.
There are several ways to improve battery life.First of all, it is better to fully charge and discharge the power battery at least once in a month, which will result in the normal operation of the equipment.Often, a new unit shows it in 15-20 minutes;But this is not the case.
If the device gets very hot while charging, take it out of the charge and let it cool for a while.Secondly, keeping a blank screen saver, not a graphic screen saver with sound effects, can also save a lot of power.Third, anti-operationWhen a laptop is connected to an AC power supply, virus scanning does not bring additional load to this device.
Therefore, the unit works effectively for a longer period of time.Finally, excessive use of hard drives and disk drives can result in excessive power consumption.When the laptop is connected to an AC power supply, try to use a hard drive or a disk drive and extend the battery life of the laptop.
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