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bad cctv power supply? make sure!

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-21
If you have a multi-camera monitoring system;
Then, most likely you are using a CCTV power box with multiple inputs to power all CCTV cameras.
Sometimes, if your monitoring system is offline and your power supply seems bad;
This may not be the case.
Let\'s review a few steps we can take to make sure this is the problem.
The first or last step can be to pick up another CCTV power supply and replace the associated power supply to see if you are starting to power with this new power supply.
Now, this is a simple first step for monitoring installers or resellers, as they will most likely have a quick access to another power supply.
For ordinary installers or customers;
This can be a bit tricky, really the last scene.
No matter what you do in the end, you will have two different results.
The new power box will either work or power up your monitoring system;
Or it will have the same disadvantages as others.
If it works, then you will most likely have found out that your problem lies with the power box itself.
On the other hand, if the new box fails too;
You will then most likely have eliminated the power box as the source of the fault. Next Step -Camera Short?
If you have a security camera, it is short-circuited to your power supply connection;
Then this will force your power off.
It may take a bit of time to test this, but you have to connect each camera individually to your power supply and test if one of the cameras will prevent the system from turning it on.
If you find a camera short-circuiting the system;
Then you need to be sure if it\'s a CCTV cable or a security camera.
To do this, you need another power and video cable or take one out of the working power supply and test the camera again. If this works;
Then your problem is on the cable and needs to be replaced.
If the new cable does not work;
You then have to check the power connection on your camera and possibly replace the camera itself.
Not short camera?
Honestly trying the main power cord and connecting this should be the first step before anything else;
Because it will save you a lot of time if it is wrong.
Each CCTV power box has a plug connected to the socket and to test this you can try to replace the cable or you can connect it to multiple outlets to see if the socket is faulty.
If you only encounter a power failure of some security cameras, please check the fault;
Then you may have a fuse (
Let\'s say you\'re using a fuse power supply).
Most CCTV power boxes are equipped with spare fuses and replacing them may work.
By trying these different ways to troubleshoot;
You can determine more accurately what is wrong with your CCTV power supply.
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