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Balanced car charging instructions

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-14
Cars have a balance in the family? If you often have to use balance, recharge balance car, then you may need to know some relevant knowledge of charging, please read the balance of power adapter manufacturer car charge notice charging time is reasonable. Charging time shoulds not be too long, if you have any turn lamp function charger, best see charge then stop charging, overcharge words not only safe, and the durability will have influence to the battery. When charging must be far away from flammable items, and place the charger in the place where is easy to heat dissipation. Use the original power adapter, do not mix the power adapter, or buy inferior power adapter. The power adapter should have regular power outages, overload protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection function. Charge, of course, when it comes to security, the most important is must buy regular brand balanced car products, while the brand is not absolutely safe, but a money a goods, I think is not only the power adapter, lithium-ion battery should also is such, the great part of many electric cars, balanced car price gap are on the battery, the battery quality pass, charging naturally more relieved.
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