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best accessories for drones

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-14
Aerial photography has grown rapidly in the past three years.
If you follow this trend and buy a camera drone, you will be happy.
But after spending some time on drones, you\'ll realize that they don\'t look like the amazing photos you see on Instagram.
Don\'t be surprised, as many of these photos may have been taken using some additional attachments.
All photographers rely on extra accessories to make their lives easier and take their photography and video footage one step further.
Rest assured, you can also.
Listed below are the most useful drone accessories I have had the opportunity to use and test.
These accessories can help you improve the overall experience of your drone and improve video quality, flight adventure and safety. 1)
Additional propeller and propeller Shield: propeller (
Also called fan or Blade)
The most vulnerable part of the drone.
When you go out and drive a drone, you should carry extra propellers with you.
If you crash the propeller of the drone, the first part will be torn apart.
I already have enough drone experience and I have more than 20 different drones as well.
But I also crashed when I first received my DJI Phantom 2.
The prop guard is another story.
They are not a must, but they come in handy if you fly indoors or hover in a limited space.
I \'ve only used propeller guards once or twice in the last six months, but most people use them every day --to-day.
If you regularly crash your drone and often break your propeller, then you should definitely get a prop guard. 2)
Additional Battery: drone technology has made great progress in the past few years.
According to their website, the latest DJI Phantom 4 Pro offers 30 minutes of flight time.
For most non
Commercial drone pilots, this is never enough.
Given the time it takes to fly and land, you will have 20 minutes to record the footage.
So please make sure to purchase additional battery packs, or even more, to get a reliable backup at any time you need it.
If you own a Phantom 4 Pro, you may want to upgrade to a quick battery charger instead of the one that comes with the package.
It will charge the P4 Pro battery in 40 minutes instead of 65 minutes on the normal charger. 3)
Extra Battery Charger: extra battery power makes flight time more possible, they also need to be charged, though.
Once you have 2 or even more batteries, it takes 60 minutes for each battery to charge, and the waiting time will quickly increase to a few hours as the extra battery is idle.
So it\'s better to buy an extra battery charger, or better yet, you may want to buy multiple
Charger that allows you to charge the battery at the same time. 4)
Vehicle Battery Charger: Your only power source may be the car battery when you travel away from the road, which is why it is important to equip the drone with a car battery charger.
So, if you have 1, 2, or 3 batteries, you\'re likely to run out of all power at some point even when you\'re out on a trip, so, what you certainly need is the ability to charge your battery when you are not anywhere near the power point. 5)
Tablet or iPad: At least it can be said that it becomes uncomfortable when dealing with online video from drones and smartphones.
The display is too small to see clearly what happened above.
So you \'d better buy a trusted tablet with a large enough display to provide reliable video clips.
Depending on your financial budget, Apple\'s iPad, Samsung\'s Galaxy tablet, or other similar tablets with enough processor speed are often highly likely. 6)
ND Filter: while increasing motion blur, managing the amount of light coming into the camera lens and managing tiny jitter, it is a wise choice to get ND Filter.
In my opinion, ND filters are really a must, they make the video of the Phantom series drone look more like a movie, are they great because they don\'t add weight to the drone frame.
The new Wanxiang frame on P4 Pro is very light and very fragile and I would also like to add any weight in front of the camera lens. 7)
GPS tracking device: when you are driving a drone in remote areas such as mountains or at sea, it is difficult to find it if you crash the drone.
When you perform a mission to rescue a drone, the drone GPS tracker attached to your drone\'s leg may come in handy.
With the GPS tracking app on your smartphone, you will be able to locate the drone on your smartphone map with a precision of up to 2 m. 8)
Storage space: When you lack enough space to store the lens you record, the extra battery will not have any practicality.
The default 16 g micro SD card that comes with DJI Phantom 4 pro can only store video clips for about 50 minutes.
If you don\'t want to transfer video clips to your computer after every two flights, consider buying a 64gb micro SD card. 9)
Backpack or suitcase: If you plan on traveling, camping with drones, cycling or road trips, you will realize that the default package that comes with the drone will not last for a long time, at least it can be said that it is uncomfortable to carry.
For a more comfortable and safer solution, get a specially made drone backpack or suitcase;
You will find a lot of options available.
In my opinion, it\'s hard
Shell backpack is the most powerful and stable backpack for value.
Photography and camera tools have always relied on accessories, as have drones.
If you want to shoot amazing drone videos, you should consider spending money on accessories.
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