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Black and white match SK03T1 power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-23
SK03T1 power adapter is a collection of safety, energy saving, high efficiency for the integration of power supply products. 12 v2。 5 a output and 0 ℃ - big flow Wide working temperature range of 40 ℃. For robot, LCD monitor, security monitoring, intelligent household equipment to provide electricity. · Safety design, safety and energy saving: using multiple circuit can prevent the phenomenon such as short circuit, over-current, over-voltage, better protect access to digital devices. In addition, SK03T1 power adapter also conform to the six levels of energy efficiency standards. · Fine workmanship, black and white collocation enclosure, USES high temperature fire retardant material, material high-end deformation, has the very good fire retardancy, drop resistance, corrosion resistance, also adopted a specular surface treatment technology, adopts full seal seamless process as a whole. · Wide voltage: SK03T1 power adapter for the multinational can change pin design, equipped with the gauge, Han Gui, dial, gauge, Australian rules and the rules pins, support 100 - wide voltage input 240 v, meet the demand of different countries and regions, the replacement is convenient, easy to carry.
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