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Both safety and energy saving SK02T power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-25
As people's awareness of environmental protection and energy saving, more and more people begin to pay close attention to the selection of energy-saving power adapter, and also speed up the development of power market. Electronics is engaged in the research and development of the power adapter for 20 years, plus the company brings together advanced production and testing equipment, relying on advanced technology, the power of the formed into a strong r&d team, in safety, energy saving, high efficiency and other key technology industry leader. SK02T power adapter is an energy-saving power adapter from famous brand, not only the power adapter with good quality and pretty good energy saving effect. SK02T power adapter by CB, CE, GS, CCC, PSE, RCM, UL, ETL, KC, KCC security certification. The rated power of the power adapter is 15 w, can satisfy the need of the use of the average user. SK02T power adapter also imported IC solution, high conversion efficiency, low standby power consumption. Material part, SK02T power adapter enclosure and wire are using environmental protection material, in line with the global ROHS green environmental protection standard. SK02T power adapter has the solid work and materials, the control of its safety performance is also very strict, fully reflects the consistent good quality, to make it stand out among similar products.
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