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Cable radio in one charger

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-17
The traditional charger for mobile phone charging type is limited by a lot of, head of charging plug wire? You are OUT! New intelligent wireless charger technology, according to mobile phone model automatic switch, perfectly compatible with android apple, built-in cable charging line to receive slot, output 5 v2. 4 a quick charge, minimalist for consumers the wireless phone charging solution. Intelligent wireless charger parameters: name: smart wireless charger manufacturers: shenzhen technology co. , LTD. Brand: the output power: wireless charging emission compatible QI, 5 w / 7. More than 5 w / 10 w brand recharge my mobile phone is compatible with maximum output power: 10 w input features: voltage: 12 - 15 v DC1。 25 / QC3。 0 / PD3。 0 TYPEC mouth input DC wire output: 5 v2. 4 a constant voltage output constant current mode, high precision, low noise. The output to wireless charger is preferred ( The output when the wireless charger to cut off the cable output) Cooperate with business model, of product can be matched with bots - 1 4 the Arabic numeral arbitrary combination of intelligent sharing platform charge control intelligent switch. Appearance patent and new practical patent environment: working temperature and humidity 10℃- 40℃,5%- 90% rh; Storage temperature and humidity - 20℃- 85℃,5%- 90% rh; Cooling method: natural cooling conform to ROHS, REACH the standard. Life: 50000 hours. Features: 1, small volume, light weight, streamlined, whole sealing, easy to carry. 2, receive the buckle structure, convenient DC line output does not occupy a space. 3, high cost performance, high reliability. 4, input under-voltage protection, output over-current, short circuit protection, overload over temperature protection products; Wireless charging standard of QI FOD foreign body protection. Shenzhen new intelligent wireless charger intelligent temperature control, not afraid of hot, no radiation, safety and health, built-in disk, insulation shielding electromagnetic radiation.
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