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Choose the power adapter to determine the three fit conditions

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-11
As the function of intelligent devices continue to increase, its power consumption are also beginning to faster and faster. People began to used to carry a portable charger or power adapter. For many people, for the concept of the power adapter to stay on the charger, but in fact the power adapter is a kind of transformer, by a large number of applications on the charger. For the power adapter is not familiar with people often need to face, is to use what kind of power adapter for charging. The parameters of the power adapter is varied, so can not arbitrarily use the adapter for charging. Before choosing the power adapter, must first three adaptation conditions were determined. First, the adapter interface and equipment matching; Second, the output voltage must be with the load ( Mobile devices) Rated input voltage of the same, or the load ( Mobile devices) Can withstand voltage range, otherwise, it may burn down load ( Mobile devices) ; Third, the output current of the power adapter should be equal to, greater than the load ( Mobile devices) Current, in order to provide enough power; As soon as below to the above three adaptation condition were analyzed. The first, does not match the interface in the absence of professional knowledge don't plug, otherwise it will produce risk. Second, for why need voltage is consistent, in in principle is true & ndash; — Voltage is not enough, not enough to drive the load, the battery can't normal charge, said popular point is in short supply. Third, why the need of such a current configuration, this involves the principle of the circuit, the power supply is internal resistance is known to all, the greater the resistance, the greater the loss. So manufacturers in the production of this adapter will be according to the size of the internal resistance, determine the no-load output voltage within a certain range, the threshold voltage corresponding to the current critical value is the nominal value, we see the current current nominal value shows that the greater the adapter on load capacity, the better. So select current slightly larger adapter not only won't hurt the battery, rather than charging faster and faster.
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