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Common Reasons for Laptop Failure

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-03
I have had many laptops in the past few years.Our first Compaq Presario crashed after a few months of use.It was a great pleasure to work with Compaq as they not only replaced the computer but also upgraded the computer function to compensate for my trouble.
When it collapsed again, Compaq\'s policy changed and it was not very good to work with them.They spent two times at the service center before they did it right.It has been working well for the past few years, although this particular model is known for overheating and poor ventilation.
The second laptop is Sony Vaio.
It works fine and is expected to have a virus that causes various problems and must be cleared and reformatted to factory settings.Once this problem is resolved, it will continue to work for a year.Now, Vaio is just an expensive paper weight because it won\'t power on.
These questions started me to look at why laptops often fail.The obvious problem with Vaio is the DC input jack.Obviously a little less.I booked a new one and installed it this weekend.
Remove the back of the computer, unplug the old plug and insert the new one into it is not difficult.No luck.The computer is dead.I doubt the motherboard due to our experience in Compaq.The incidence of these failures is high due to user errors.
The first power adapter for Vaios was broken, so I bought a universal power adapter to replace it until the new one arrived.I don\'t know that when they fail, these bring too much power.In fact, this adapter starts to overheat and melt at Compaq\'s DC input.
Imagine my daughter\'s surprise when the smoke came out of her computer.I don\'t recommend these at all.A replacement should be available at Amazon or any computer accessories store at any time.Since our DC Jack is broken, it\'s not surprising to know that these are often faulty or damaged.
This is almost always 100% users, according to computer experts.caused.When the computer is moved when plugged in or discarded, it is easily damaged.These jacks are delicate and can be short-circuited, disconnected (as we obviously did), or disconnected from the welding connection to the motherboard.
The original power supply of Vaio stopped working and was therefore replaced by the new Sony power supply.It does light up when the green light is plugged in, but this is not always a sign of the power coming into the computer.Test with a voltmeter to see if there is power coming out or bring it to the repair shop for them to test it.
This is my first thought of all this.
power issue.
Unfortunately, my power supply is working fine.Hard disk failure is the most common problem with computer hardware.Laptop hard drives fail more than desktop hard drives.
Think about how often we move our laptops.Knock a little and your hard drive will respond with a loud NO.A colleague dropped a 1 feet external hard drive on the floor while working.
The drive was damaged and could not be repaired.In fact, dropping a laptop can damage your hard drive and most other critical parts of your laptop.Vaio has a new LCD display because the original screen is broken when it accidentally falls down.
This is a very common fix, usually due to user errors.The laptop should be set to sleep mode or turn off when not in use, as the LCD screen obviously won\'t last forever.The brightness reduction setting also extends the service life of the screen.
The repair of Vaio cost me $80.
Luckily I installed it myself without any complications.The laptop generates a lot of heat and the CPU fan may fail.The Compaq we use is very hot and requires a cooling fan to prevent overheating and burn out users.
This weekend, when I removed the back of Vaio, I cleaned up a lot of lint from the fan.This does make me wonder if overheating can cause a motherboard failure.I have this problem with my desktop computer too, so I wash it about four times a year with a can of compressed air.
I suspect the culprit of these two laptop problems is overheating.The laptop is very hot, stuffed with all the exquisite electronics in a small space, and it is likely that the heat has caused many problems.To avoid overheating problems in the future, I use USB-Drive the cooling device under the laptop and run the fan to help cool.
This also prevents me from absorbing heat!Keyboard damage caused a lot of trouble.It may not survive when the drink is spilled on the laptop.I can live with lost keys, but a wet and sticky keyboard doesn\'t bode well for its future.
Despite AVG and McAfee, the virus has caused problems with our laptops.This is a simpler solution because you can reformat your hard drive and start over.We use multiple external backup drives to save all the data.
I have solved the problem caused by the virus by setting the restore point.My Vaio may not be worth fixing at this point, but I do plan on getting it checked to confirm this.These low-end laptops are not worth repairing except for the new RAM.
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