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Convertible head power adapter market prospects and use characteristics

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-16
As is known to all, at home and abroad there is a difference between electricity and power plug, the plug of the standard is different, common rules, ul, European rules, British, Australian rules, dial gauges, Han Gui etc. , and conversion head came up with the power adapter is very good solve the embarrassing! Can be removable nipple power adapter the emergence of the market prospect of convertible head power adapter, provides the convenience for the manufacturers of export largely. Plug removable, greatly alleviate the pressure form a complete set of the dealer inventory, colleagues also provides convenience for the use of the end user. Such as: Hong Kong as a highly autonomous regions in China, tourism industry to thrive. An endless stream of people all over the world to the tourism consumption. But due to the history of Hong Kong, Hong Kong hotels or use the family or the gauge socket, as is known to all, because the rules had to be plugged into the bottom line, to the power supply, the 2 chargers won't use, it will give foreign holidays people much the same. The importance of the power adapter to see transformation, and the degree of broad market prospect. Also because of this, the power seized the moment to convertible head power supply, quickly launched a series of our products. Convenient your travel! Can be the application of removable nipple power adapter can be removable nipple power supply is widely used in LED lights belt, LED lights, LED lamps, LED lamp, LED lamp, scanners, broadband cats, switches, mobile DVD, high-definition TV box, security equipment, sound box products, electric tools, entrance guard system, small home appliance product, the air fresh machine, routers, point reading machine, humidifier, electric heaters, electric mop, electric vacuum cleaners, fiber optic transceivers, air purifier, disinfector, av amplifier, projector, electronic refrigerator, optical switch, keyboard, optical fiber cat, tablets, digital set-top boxes ( DVB) The power supply, network equipment and other products. To the characteristics of the power adapter is removable nipple pin can change at any time, can generally be removable nipple power adapter is equipped with: in the gauge, ul, British gauge, the gauge and other allied pins, basic is compatible with all international socket type. So when you travel abroad, don't go to buy the corresponding pins of the power adapter, a basic to universal adapter. And more importantly it is cheap, compared to buy multiple power adapter, will certainly save a lot of money!
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