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Determine the service life of the power adapter _

by:Fuyuang     2021-01-08
Determine the service life of the power adapter, 2020-907 08 - 31 15:53:40 power adapter life like the life of the people is unpredictable accurate fixed number of year, but a lot of big data analysis with the concept of average life expectancy in the report. Power supply, too, the factor of affecting the service life of the lot, so the life of the general power is measured by the average time between failures. We are going to reduce the possibility of failure, to ensure that the power supply long-term stable job. It needs to meet the two important links in the life cycle of good power supply: the power of research and development, the power production. Power research and development need to ensure that the performance of the power supply to meet our specification requirements, guarantee normal life cycle of the power supply in power supply performance metrics. Power supply module class product and process control of production process requirement is very high, need high quality production equipment and management, to achieve the desired product quality. Into the power adapter also meet barrel effect between life and use of components, all components life reach regulations to guarantee the power supply of the service life of the final life. General key parts by electrical stress is big, high calorific value, the machine internal temperature rise fast, the temperature influence on life, and to the device so that the life of the final assessment is particularly important to the device. So what are the key devices in the power adapter we need particular concern? The power of the key material 1. Electrolytic capacitor electrolytic capacitor in the power adapter device is sensitive to temperature, from this perspective, the stand or fall of electrolytic capacitor also to some extent decide the life span of the power supply unit, AC - The DC power adapter performance of outstanding products. 2. Primary switch tube ( MOS tube) Such a switch device, in high speed switch state, by high voltage and current stresses. Switching loss caused by the fever will be accelerated aging, the device is also vulnerable to external pressure disturbance and broken down. 3. High frequency transformer in power transmission, high frequency power transformer internal loss will lead to the fever, send out heat may also affect the life of the transformer materials. Common transformer faults are winding insulation breakdown and burned, copper wire fracture, etc. 4. Multilayer ceramic capacitors SMD ceramic capacitors where the easy problems is that the capacitance of the solder joint, it may be due to some stress and split. In order to minimize the possibility of, it is suggested that as far as possible to avoid multiple parallel use of ceramic capacitors. 5. Output rectifier diode diode primarily under two electric stress, including reverse voltage and forward current diode is heating device at the same time. In order to ensure the service life of the device, we will be out in the design of enough margin, ultimately to ensure that the power adapter in bulk performance. 6. The photoelectric coupler current transfer ratio ( CTR) With the passage of time will gradually reduce, in order to keep the loop stability, light emitting diode current will continue to increase, will eventually reach the limit, lead to damage of optical coupling. To sum up, the value of the power adapter module is absent and the module itself, and is to ensure that the quality of the batch process level. Consumers need is also the safety and reliability of the power adapter, thus reducing the production and maintenance costs. Capacitor before installation to avoid several conditions of condenser is one of indispensable electronic components in our life, we should avoid the following when installing capacitor using, as we all know the stand or fall of condenser are also affected by temperature. So we need to pay attention to what is, engineers, and beginners to see. 1. High temperature ( More than the highest use temperature) 。 2. Used in repeated rapid charge and discharge circuit, such as rapid charging purposes, its service life may decrease because of capacity, temperature rise sharply reduced, etc. 3. Applying reverse voltage or voltage, when the capacitor according to the reverse polarity connection circuit, capacitor can cause electronic short circuit, the resulting current will cause damage of capacitor. 4. Flow ( Current exceeds the rated ripple current) , imposed after the rating of the ripple current, will cause the capacitor body overheating, capacity drops, shorten service life. 5. Overpressure ( The voltage more than rated voltage) , when the capacitor on the voltage is higher than the rated working voltage, the capacitor leakage current will rise, its electricity oxygen content will be degradation in the short term until the damage. 6. Capacitor installation, capacitor explosion-proof valve with space above, above the valve to avoid blasting around the wiring, installation and other components, capacitors and printed circuit board to avoid installation of heating element. Mentioned in this article it is six o 'clock before installing capacitor we must pay attention to the point of a problem, avoid to use the capacitor in this case. Protection of capacitor is also one of our work, the damage and breakdown has bad influence to other electronic components, so it is very critical moment of attention and avoid.
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