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DIY Laptop Repair: Do It Yourself and Save

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-20
Laptop Repair-DIYDo It Yourself!Great laptopThey are easy to move and store and contain all the required components in one unit.The keyboard, trackpad, screen and computer of the laptop are all in one project.However, this means that more pieces can break and need to be repaired.
The portability of the laptop also gives it more opportunities to be discarded or damaged.When the laptop stops working, you need to consider how much it will cost to fix it.Sometimes the best option is to make a cheap repair by yourself.
I have done a lot of repairs and adjustments over the years to keep the old laptop running.This article will describe the repair and work of some cheap laptopsThis way you can continue to use your laptop and avoid buying new ones.There was a disaster last week.My son called me at work to describe a problem with his laptop.
He dropped it and can\'t find the boot disk now.When he turned on the laptop, all he got was a black screen indicating that there was no boot disk.Not good.I checked it when I got home.I try to remove the hard drive and plug it back in.
My hope is that the hard drive connector is loose.No such luck.I tried to run some bootable disk repair tools, but none of them found the hard drive.You can find the bootable disk repair tool for free and make your own bootable disk by burning a CD.
You need to go to the BIOS settings on the computer you are repairing and set it to boot from CD by changing the startup option.You can move the CD drive to the top of the boot order in the BIOS menu.Most computers allow you to press F12 to enter the BIOS menu during startup.
The bootable disk tool can\'t even find the hard disk is bad news --The hard drive is broken.I looked around on eBay and Amazon and found a used 500 GB 2.5 inch SATA hard drive for $40.I decided it was worth spending $40 to get a 3 year old laptop back on the market again.
The good news is that I have backed up my laptop using Windows Backup, so I have an image to load onto a blank replacement hard drive.If there is no backup, the Windows installation disk needs to be found.If you do not get the Windows installation disks, you can contact the computer manufacturer to request them-You may need to pay shipping and handling fees in order to get them.
When the new hard drive received the Mail yesterday, I used a small cross screwdriver to remove the broken hard drive.The original hard drive has a metal carrier that can be fixed to the laptop.I screwed this off the original hard drive and connected it to the replacement hard drive.
Because it\'s a 2.
5 inch SATA drive, it fits the space exactly and the connector works fine.I put the screws up and now there is a blank hard drive that will format the files that Windows 7 and my son have downloaded from Windows Recovery.I press and hold the BIOS on startup to enter the BIOS menu-up.
I set the computer to boot from CD and restore the boot disk using Windows 7.external back-To the USB port.Using the Windows recovery tool, I found the recovery files for my son\'s laptop and chose to install them on a blank hard drive.The Windows recovery tool formats the drive in NTFS format with Windows 7 and all archive files installed.
The process took several hours.
I see the computer boot again in Windows 7!This is worth $40!Laptops are usually built inIn the trackpad used as the mouse to position the cursor on the screen.The trackpad and its buttons have a lot of use and a lot of wear and tear.I have a laptop that I use for my kids to play games.
They actually ran out of the left button.
it broke off!1.
Replace it.
You can order and replace the replacement parts or have the computer repair shop replace them.It costs $50 or more at the repair shop.If you are willing to order the parts and disassemble the computer, you can do it yourself.I decided not to go this way.2.Work around it.This is the option I chose.I used a pair of pliers and twisted the left button back into place.
I then use the Windows Control Panel to switch the mouse button to a \"left hand\" configuration that uses a lot less left.I\'m lucky that the button on the left still works.I can solve this problem for free.3.Insert the mouse or trackpad.You can buy a computer mouse or trackpad for about $10 or $15 and plug it into the USB port of your laptop.
Wireless options and products with wires.
This is not as convenient as using the built-inIn the trackpad, but it\'s easy to do, and it doesn\'t cost much.This could be a great way to get your laptop to fix the trackpad without spending a lot of money.The problem with the keyboard is that in order to be able to type effectively, you really need all the keys.
I think there are very fewSecond hand keys you can use, but unfortunately,What is broken is the used key.The Space Bar is of great use and may wear out.As you get older, the plastic for your laptop keys will become brittle.
I used to have a space bar.
Some keyboard problems can be solved by sticking the pieces together or sticking the pieces in place.Another category of keyboard problems is whether the keyboard really doesn\'t work anymore.For example, if you spill something on the keyboard, it will make the keyboard sticky and the responsiveness will be reduced.
You may want to change the keyboard in your laptop.The keyboard is usually easy to change-You can do it yourself for about $50 or spend about $100 at the repair shop.Like the trackpad, you can also solve the bad laptop keyboard by simply plugging in the USB computer keyboard.
You can buy a keyboard for $15.
It\'s not as convenient as using the built inOn the laptop keyboard, but it may be worth it if you can easily solve the problem without spending too much money.Several things went wrong with the power of the laptop.First, the power supply itself will go bad.
It no longer generates electricity and must be replaced.If the battery is no longer charged when the laptop is plugged in, first verify that the socket is working.Plug the light into the same socket and make sure it is on.
Next, plug the power back in and make sure the plug is firmly plugged into the computer.Check if the/C line is firmly plugged into the power adapter.If your laptop battery is still not charged, then it may be time to replace the power supply for your new laptop.
Fortunately, the laptop power supply is not expensive and easy to replace.You can buy a spare power supply for $20.When ordering a replacement laptop power supply, make sure you get enough power capacity and make sure the plug matches the plug used on your laptop.You can look for this information by looking at the labels on the power supply.
For example, my Toshiba Satellite receives 19 v power at 3.95A.The figure shows that the center pin is positive and the external connector is negative.If you get a replacement power supply that doesn\'t have enough capacity or the wrong PIN configuration, it can damage your laptop.
Another problem I have with the power supply is that the power connector in the laptop may be disconnected.This may be due to the stress and strain caused by stretching the power cord when it is plugged into the laptop.A repair shop wants to replace the motherboard for a new power connector-very expensive!I ended up taking my laptop to another repair shop and having them stick the broken stuff together.
It has been together for 5 years and there is no problem.Laptop batteries will lose most of their capacity after thousands of charging and discharging cycles.If your laptop can only run for 10 minutes without plugging in, then your battery is nearing the end of life.
I have a battery like this, but I decided to keep plugging my laptop in so I don\'t have to replace the battery.Eventually the laptop won\'t open at all.I ordered a replacement laptop battery for about $40.The laptop battery is easy to replace.It\'s bad news that the laptop screen is broken.
It usually costs hundreds of dollars to repair a laptop screen.If you have an old laptop with a broken screen, it may not be worth replacing.If you have an external monitor available, you can solve the broken laptop screen by using an external monitor.
This is very convenient for saving files from a broken laptop on the screen to a memory stick.You can also use a laptop with an external monitor.This can be a viable situation if you are using a laptop at home, but you may not want to go to a coffee shop with an external monitor.
..Should I fix or replace my laptop?It\'s always worth considering the value of your spending money on repairing old computers.Looking at the laptop sold on eBay, I estimate that when my son\'s laptop is running well, it\'s worth about $200.Depending on the type of laptop, it takes about $350 to $600 to buy a new laptop.
When I found a hard drive for $40 to get the old laptop running again, I decided it was a good option to spend $40.Eventually, there will be other problems with the laptop, but it can last for a long time without spending more money.However, if the repair would be more expensive, like replacing the screen for $200, I would spend the money on the new laptop instead of the expensive repair.
It doesn\'t make much sense to repair a laptop for $200, and it\'s worth $200 after repair.The computer depreciated rapidly, and a few years later, thanks to the increase in speed, processing power, storage capacity and new features, the new laptop model began to become more and more attractive
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