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Do Lawn Tractors Have a Charging System?

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-16
Not like pushing and selfpropelled walk-Behind the mower, the lawn tractor is equipped with a battery to power the power system, a storage tank that can hold a lot of things --The engine and fuel tank need lubrication in order to refuel the tractor.In order to keep the battery charged and running, the lawn tractor must have a charging system that works just like an AC generator in a car.Because most peopleBehind the mower, in order to run, you may wonder why the mower needs a battery.Lawn tractors usually have parts that are not found on smaller models of lawn mowers that require battery assistance.Headlights, ignition, starter and electric clutch are just some systems that require batteries to run.If there is no charging system, the battery will soon be out of power and cannot be charged without jumpingStart or plug in the battery charger.Most lawn tractors have one of two charging systems to help keep the battery running properly.One type of charging system is the belt-A drive generator usually installed on an engine.When the belt turns the AC generator, the AC generator continuously generates power to charge the battery.Another type of system has a stator-A circular metal body with a hole in the center, surrounded by a tip wrapped in a coil line ---It is under the flywheel.As with any lawn tractor components, there are occasional problems with the charging system.The generator or stator may fail, the regulator may go bad, you may run into worn, disconnected or damaged wires, or the generator belt may loose or break.Before assuming the problem stems from the charging system, always fill the battery with a battery charger and then test the charge with a multimeter.It seems that the charging problem may be nothing more than wear-out battery.Once you know that the battery of your lawn tractor is in good condition and can be fully charged, it\'s time to start testing the charging system.One handy tool for testing charging system components is multi-li.A multimeter is a small handheld machine that contains a positive lead and a negative lead that is connected to a multimeter and lawn tractor components.The multimeter also contains a digital reading or dial in which you can observe the test results.You can check the voltage, current and resistance using a multimeter.
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