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Do you know the power adapter test tip?

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-10
Circuit of the power adapter is complex, including electronic components, circuit structure, basic working principle, and so on all is the most basic knowledge. Do you know the power adapter test tip? A, the adapter for authentic designer, the weigh in hand, generally good adapter will be heavier, more because of the protection circuit. Second, through the light wave power connector or battery to see if the power adapter contact is good, if not normal, try to reinstall the power adapter. Possible problems for power joint deformation condition. Three, static observation. Observed in the circuit components distribution, to identify the characteristic components, through the observation, determine the key testing point of maintenance, sometimes the failure power can also find some obvious damage components, provided a basis for repairing as soon as possible. Fourth, to measure the resistance. To is not easy to see the circuit connection through the resistance measurement method to clear up the connection, and then find out circuit structure, control of some key points of resistance at the same time, provide reference data for future maintenance. Fifth, measure the voltage. In electric power, for some key points for voltage measurements, master first-hand information of maintenance, voltage measurement method is: pointer multimeter use dc voltage ( According to the specific object values selected in which gear) Black pens and grounding, red pens and the test point. Digital multimeter with dc voltage, grounding, black label you red table than the test point. Above is the power adapter to detect small skills, the hope can help to you.
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