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DOE energy efficiency - Level 6 power measurement of energy efficiency

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-04
In 2014 issued by the U. S. department of energy efficiency level 6 DOE VI implementation schedules, and in 2016, February 10 can enforce the level 6 standard, failed to achieve six levels of energy efficiency of power supply in the United States will face can't sales, and the risk of the shelves; For the power supply manufacturer is both challenge and opportunity. Electronic technology co. , LTD. , at the request of customer and international standards of new energy power covers 3 w - launched in 2016 150 w series satisfy the level 6 power energy efficiency standards, and adopted the UL, FCC, CE, GS, PSE, KC, SAA, CCC certification, product certification standards cover three major industries: IT, 60950). And home appliances ( 61558). , LED class ( GB19510、61347) 。 These products is 24 w series, the output of 12 v2a power adapter: American standard product appearance this power weight about 80 g, design for the elliptical shape, edge horn does not have edges and corners rounded, compared to traditional shell, bread, square shape power more personality, beautiful appearance, from top to bottom shell ultrasonic jointing line USES the hidden design, ultrasonic connect joint about 0. Less than 1 mm, the minimum 0 than traditional power supply. 3 mm ultrasonic line is negligible; Power pan for fine grinding sand for surface treatment, surface shell for specular surface treatment, surface covered with protect film before shipment, can call the company LOGO on the surface shell, make whole power looks more clever, also can highlight the brand. Power circuit architecture as a whole solid material: a side - with perfect EMI filter Common-mode inductor, capacitor X; Master control chip for Taiwan the treasure low-power energy-saving chip OB2263, transformer for high power density RM8 magnetic core, compared with the same power output volume can be reduced 30%; Secondary side for & PI; Shape wave and annular common-mode operation circuit architecture, ensure low output ripple current and inhibit common-mode interference; Energy efficiency measured through tests of the 12 v2a power, the power standby power consumption is less than the standard requirements of 0. 1 w, the average efficiency of high and low voltage test of 86 were greater than the standard requirements. 204%, which can meet the us DOE six levels of energy efficiency standards.
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