China's leading brand of switching power solutions for Power Supply, Power Adapter And Battery Charger.

Does Fuyuang enjoy high popularity?
At least Fuyuan Electronic Co., Ltdg is a brand known by industry insiders. It has been developed for years. Its marketing started when our company was established. Its exports to foreign countries help enlarge our international influence. In future, it may be known to more clients and users.

The Fuyuang brand has always been committed to optimizing laptop adapter with high-tech materials and technologies. Fuyuan focuses on providing a variety of li ion battery charger for customers. The production of Fuyuang switching adapter adopts internationally recognized standards. The strong housing helps protect against scratches, bumps, and drops. It has a good effect on the health of the foot. It can absorb the pain caused by the soles of the feet and alleviate the symptoms of bacteria-caused dermatophytosis. Featuring automatic thermal cut-off function, the product will not accumulate too much heat.

Our business activities meet the legal statutes of China and are consistent with ethical global business standards. We stoutly refuse to partake any illegal and vicious business activities, such as producing unlicensed products, infringing copyrights, and copying from others.
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