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by:Fuyuang     2019-12-05
There are two important aspects that need attention.
First of all, it is important to note that the electricity specifications in the countries you are visiting may vary.
Not many countries have the power specs as you do at home, so you should have the right adapter when you travel abroad.
Secondly, in most countries, wall-mounted power outlets are usually not what you find at home.
This is completely different, and the power input plug for your device may not fit that socket at all.
Power supply voltage specifications are different in different countries.
Electrical and electronic equipment in the United States, for example. S.
Works on 120 v ac, but there is a 220 v ac outlet in the UK, which is different from the US.
Secondly, the power input plug of your device is never suitable for a UK power outlet.
So if you travel from home to the UK, not only do you need an adapter for the device\'s power input plug, but you also need a voltage converter to convert the 220 v ac power output to the type of 110 v ac power supply, so that your device works properly.
Suggest, when-
You plan on your next overseas visit to see the power outlet Specification Guide for the country you are visiting and are ready to carry the appropriate electrical accessories for these devices to work properly.
There is indeed a universal plug adapter that meets the power output input socket in many countries, but the demand for voltage converters cannot be ignored. The following is a guide to international socket specifications: countryvoltagefrequencyafghanistan 220V50 hzalbania months V * months hzalgeria 230V50 hzamerican Samoa 120V60 hzandorra 230V50HzAngola 220V50 hzanguilla 110V60HzAntigua 230 V * 60 HzArgentina220V50 HzArmenia220V50 HzAruba127V * 60 HzAustralia230V * months HzAustria230V50 HzAzerbaijan220V50 HzBahamas120V60 HzBahrain230V HzAzores220V * months Hz * Balearic Islands220V50 hzBangladesh220V50 HzBarbados115V50 HzBelar Us220V50 HzBelgium230V50 HzBelize110/220V60 HzBenin220V50 HzBermuda120V60 HzBhutan230V50 HzBolivia220/230 V * months HzBosnia220V50 HzBotswana231V50 HzBrazil110/220 V * 60 HzBrunei240V50 HzBulgaria230V50 hzburkina Faso220V50 HzBurundi220V50 HzCambodia230V50 HzCameroon220V50 HzCanada120V60 hzcanary Islands220V50 hzcape Verde220V50 hzcayman Islands120V60 hzcentral, China, republic of Africa, China 0HzComoros220V50 HzCongo, representative of the people.
Mark Congo, GermanyRep. of (former Zaire)
Japan International Cooperation AgencyIvory Coast)
220V50 GmbH/220v60hzcyprus40v50 HzCzech republic30v50 hzdenmark30v50 HzDjibouti220V50 HzDominica230V50 HzDominican Republic110V60 HzEast Timor220V50 hzecudor120-
Alimv60 HzEgypt220V50 HzEl Salvador115V60 HzEngland (
See UK)
Equatorial Guinea220V * monthly calendar HzFaeroe Islands220V50 HzFalkland islands40v50 hzfiji40v50 HzFinland s2v50 hzfrance130v50 HzFrench calendar HzGabon220V50 calendar GmbH HzGreat UK (
See UK)
Kerry (United States)Windward Is. )
Jyv50 hzguadeloupe30v50 hzguam110v60hzguatemal120v60 HzGuinea220V50 HzGuinea-
Bissau220V50 hzguyana40v * 60 Hz * Haiti110V60 HzHonduras110V60 HzHong Kong220V * monthly HzIceland220V50 HzIndia230V50 HzIndonesia127/230 V * monthly hzirans2v50 HzIraq230V50 zireland (Eire)
23050 island of Herzl 50 island of Herzl 2 0v50 island of Herzl 30 0v50 coast of Herzl (
See Côte d\'Ivoire)
Jamaica110V50 HzJapan100V50/Hz * jordan110v50 60 hzkenya40v50 HzKazakhstan220V50 hzkiribati24v50 HzKorea, south220V60 HzKuwait240V50 HzLaos230V50 HzLatvia220V50 HzLebanon110/220V50 HzLesotho220V50 HzLiberia120V60 HzLibya127V * months HzLithuania220V50 HzLiechtenstein230V50 HzLuxembourg220V50 HzMacau220V50 HzMacedonia220V50 HzMadagascar220V50 HzMadeira220V50 HzMalawi230V50 HzMalaysia240V50 HzMaldives230V50 HzMali220V50 HzMalta240V50 HzMartinique220V50 HzMauritania220V50 HzMauritius230V50 HzMexico127V60 hzmicronesia (
Federal States)
120V60 HzMonaco127/220V50 hzelia230vmontserrat (Leeward Is. )
Jyv60 HzMorocco127/220 V * month hzalimambique220v50 HzMyanmar (formerly Burma)
S2v50 hznauru40v50 hznepal30v50 HzNetherlands230V50 HzNetherlands Antilles127/220 V * month HzNew Caledonia220V50 HzNew zealand30v50 HzNiger220V50 Northern Ireland (
See UK)
Norway230V50 HzOkinawa100V * 60 HzOman240V * months HzPakistan230V50 hzpalmyra Atoll120V60HzPanama110V * 60 hzpapua new Guinea240V50 HzParaguay220V50 HzPeru220V * 60Hz * Philippines220V60 HzPoland230V50 HzPortugal230V50 hzpuerto Rico120V60 HzQatar240V50 hzr, union Island220V 50HzRomania230V50 hzrussian Federation220V50 HzRwanda230V50 hzst.
Kitz and Nevis (Leeward Is. )230V60 HzSt. Lucia (Windward Is. )240V50 HzSt. Vincent (Windward Is. )
S2v50 HzSaudi Arabia127/220V60 HzScotland (
See UK)
Montenegro220V50 HzSeychelles240V50 hzsierra Leone230V50 HzSingapore230V50 hzslovak Republic230V50 HzSlovenia220V50 HzSomalia220V * months hzsouth Africa220/230 V * months HzSpain230V50 hzsri Lanka230V50 HzSudan230V50 HzSuriname127V60 HzSwaziland230V50 HzSweden230V50 HzSwitzerland230V50 HzSyria220V50 HzTahiti110/220V60 HzTajikistan220V50 HzTaiwan110V60 HzTanzania230V50 HzThailand220V50 HzTogo220V * months HzTonga240V50 hztrinidad & tobago115V60 HzTunisia230V50 HzTurkey230V50 HzTurkmenistan220V50 HzUganda240V50 HzUkraine220V50 hzunited Arab hzunited Kingdom230V Emirates220V * months hzunited state America120V60 HzUruguay220V50 HzUzbekistan220V50 HzVanuatu230V50 HzVenezuela120V60 HzVietnam127/220 V * months hzvirgin (British and U. S. )Level 15 (Level 15)
See UK)
The representative of Yemen, xisamore 37v50.
Of220/2v50 HzYugoslavia (Former)
Main source: Foreign current (1998 edition), U. S.
Ministry of Commerce, State Technical Information Service Department;
World power supply and plug;
International investigation ,(both 1993)
British Standards Association.
In addition, since the table was first published at the end of 1995, many revisions (
And continue to be)
Made as a result of personal observations or reports by other travellers.
For further reference, please visit http: Now, it is not a problem to use the correct adapter with you when you visit abroad.
You must also pay attention to the electricity specifications provided by the countries you visit.
Looking at the guide above, it is clear that not only do you need a plug adapter for your electrical and electronic devices, but you also need a built-in
Voltage converter in or alone.
If you are planning to go to the UK, you need a device that converts the power of 230 v ac (AC)
Before you can power your device to 110 v ac. .
These converters need to provide the correct output AC and frequency for your device to work properly.
If you need to charge your digital camera in Beijing, you need an adapter for you to plug the charger into a socket on the wall. That\'s not all.
Beijing has a 220 v ac power supply output with a frequency of 50Hz, and your charger can only accept an input voltage of 120 v ac and 60Hz.
Hz is the abbreviation of Hertz, which is the number of cycles in which the AC voltage passes through a cycle.
This AC output voltage is usually sine-
Wave, alternating between positive and negative levels.
This is a smooth change over time, like another change, to complete a cycle like this in one second is called 1Hz.
Therefore, 110 v ac at 60hz has 60 cycles in one second.
In terms of charging your digital camera in Beijing, you need not only a plug adapter, but also a suitable voltage converter, which will give you an AC voltage of 120 volts, the input output of 220 v ac 50 hz is 60 hz, which is the standard power in China.
The converted AC voltage applied to the charger produces a much lower DC current (DC)
Voltage output of the digital camera for recharging the camera
Charge the battery.
Application of direct 220 v ac output, if there is no converter, if the digital camera is plugged into the charger, it will not only damage the charger unit, but also damage the digital camera, so when you travel abroad, it is best to check the electricity specifications of the country you are visiting.
At the same time, you should be sure of the plug adapter you want.
To do this, you may need to access http: For more information.
The voltage converter has different specifications, which mainly depends on the purpose of its application.
For example, if you carry a voltage converter with you, the voltage converter for your digital camera charging unit will be much smaller than the one you need to turn on the iron.
The different sizes of this converter depend on the AC or wattage required to turn on the charger or iron.
The power and specifications of the input and output voltage are usually specified on the main body of the converter unit you purchased.
There are adapters to meet multiple needs
Voltage operation.
For example, the adapter itself will give you the option to switch from 110 v ac output to 230 v ac output.
This is done by toggle, sometimes displayed as a screw head on the converter body.
But you may need a plug adapter to plug in this mini
The power converter provided by the country you are visiting.
Electricity may surge in some countries.
Surge is a high frequency level of very high voltage, suddenly appearing at the output of the power supply for a millisecond or even microsecond.
There is this adapter with surge protection.
Keep in mind that thunderstorms produce these surges that can damage the equipment.
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