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Energy conservation and environmental protection - SK02T new power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-06
Now a lot of families to pursue high quality life, hope all aspects to be perfect and delicate. Choose any item all hope to spend a minimum price match, the best effect. Front-loaded, launched six levels of energy efficiency power adapter & ndash; SK02T。 The power factor of safety is higher, fully sealed safe moisture, low standby power consumption more energy conservation and environmental protection. Built-in over current, over voltage, short circuit, leakage protection circuit, the use of safe. SK02T power adapter certification is complete, has passed the certification of EN60950IT digital class and EN61558 small home appliance certification standards and LED control desk lamp standards, products widely used in smart home, LED lighting, beauty equipment, air purifier, security, water purifiers, small home appliance, etc. ( See the appended drawings) Electronic spirit of wisdom, continuous improvement of service concept, from the initial design to sell, any a link in the entire process is important, only in order to ensure that users get the power adapter has a stable performance and high quality products. Is the pursuit of power quality excellence, obtained the consensus of many customers at home and abroad, win the market and win customers more word of mouth.
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