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Every smoker dreams of either quitting after some

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-08
Well, not quite. In 2003, an innovative product known as an electronic cigarette starter kit has hit the market. Since then, the electronic cigarette starter kit has tremendously grown in popularity that literally thousands of online stores that offer electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, and accessories are currently in operation and attracting quite a number of visitors worldwide. What makes the electronic cigarette starter kit tick is that it cleverly replicates the entire experience of smoking--complete with puffing and inhaling vapor--without using or producing any of the harmful chemicals that are generated by traditional tobacco smoking. In short, it perfectly fits all the requirements of a smoker's ultimate dream. The electronic cigarette starter kit enables smokers to radically transform their lifestyle into one that is clean and more exciting. There are literally hundreds of vapor cigarette accessories and e-liquid flavors to explore, after all. The electronic cigarette starter kit basically includes a vapor cigarette (the closing thing to a traditional cigarette that is completely safe to puff on), spare mouthpiece(s), battery charger, and e-liquid. The vapor cigarette itself is composed of a mouthpiece, a lithium battery, an atomizer, and a chamber or cartridge where e-liquid can be placed. The e-liquid is composed of pure water and substances that are commonly used in foods and cosmetics. None of these substances pose any health hazard as certified by agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The vapor cigarette works by heating up the e-liquid using an atomizer. Once heated, the e-liquid turns into clean vapor that is safe to inhale by the user, unlike fumes from burning tobacco that contains highly toxic chemicals. Considering the growing awareness about the serious health and environmental damage caused by smoking, it is surprising that most smokers choose to incur the accumulative damage to their health instead of just quitting. The electronic cigarette is the most promising solution that squarely addresses this dilemma. With the electronic cigarette starter kit, stubborn smokers may continue their habit with just one radical difference: they are no longer exposed to the dangers of tobacco smoking. In other words, they can continue to 'smoke' and be healthy at the same time.
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