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Explain the laptop power adapter _

by:Fuyuang     2020-12-21
Explain the laptop power adapter, 2020-432 10 - 29 15:00:41 to satisfy the next generation of laptop power adapter for efficiency, volume, weight, and can be used within the scope of the global voltage requirements, this paper presents a new type of two-stage converter scheme. Former stage power factor correction using the Boost converter, the output voltage with the input voltage change, improve the efficiency of low input voltage. After level DC/DC converter adopts flyback staggered parallel two road, reduce the input and output current ripple, the synchronous rectifier technology at the same time, to further improve the conversion efficiency. This paper discussed in detail: the design of the power adapter, completed the principle prototype in the laboratory, the experimental results is given. With the function of the laptop is getting stronger and stronger, power consumption is becoming more and more big, the current use of a laptop power adapter already can't satisfy the demand of the next generation of laptop, it is necessary to develop to meet the requirements of the next generation of laptop power adapter. Laptop power adapter works the source of power, there is a high quality of switch power supply, its working principle and in the home appliance such as color TV switching power supply be the same, its role is to provide stable low voltage direct current (for laptop Generally between 12 v19v) 。 Laptop power adapters are fully sealed small volume design, and its power consumption is up to 35 w90w commonly, so the internal temperature is higher, especially in hot summer, touch the power adapter can have the feeling of hot at work. Because of this, the power adapter failure rate is still higher than that in the other laptop parts. Damage to the power adapter to buy a new spend hundreds of yuan, to the secondary market for also need hundreds of yuan. Actually, a lot of damage of the power adapter is not serious, somewhat understand the user can attempt to repair circuit knowledge, this paper will with IBM 'bones' power adapter ( 16V、4. 5A) As an example, introduces its easy disassembly and maintenance, for your reference. Laptop charger and dismantling laptop power adapter from the top and bottom cover for injection molding assembly or use super glue, without any screw, so normally only use violence to crack. However, as long as the right way, power adapter can recover completely after dismantling the same, don't watch carefully is almost can't see a trace of apart. Dismantling tools: electric knife, a hammer, screwdriver, soldering iron, pen knife, etc. Place your power adapter lateral side on the white paper, with the electrician knife blade can cover the gap between up and down the power adapter, and then with a hammer percussion electrician knife knife back, make the electrician knife cuts into from the adapter between top and bottom cover. In different locations in the adapter cover the gap between up and down, with the electrician knife point along the crack lines, as part of a cover up and down after the first crack, the point, and gradually separate adapter cover up and down. To open the shell of the power adapter, you can see the adapter circuit are coated with copper shield, with box cutters cut open shield tape on paper, with a soldering iron unsolder shield connected to the internal circuit board two solder joints, namely the desirable under the shield. Shielding layer between the circuit board and also a thicker layer of hard plastic, with a pen knife cut open, can see the 'looks like' circuit board. Power adapter structure analysis then, let us understand the internal structure of the power adapter. Circuit has been marked by the circle of main components, part name and function is as follows: 1. Varistor, its function is when the voltage is too high, pressure sensitive resistance value is small, quickly fuse by fusing with pressure sensitive resistance in series, so as to protect other circuit from the burn out. 2. The fuse, the specification of 2. 5 a / 250 v, when the current in the circuit is too large, the fuse will fuse to protect other components. 3. Inductance coil ( Also known as the choke) , the main function is to reduce electromagnetic interference. 4. Rectifier bridge, specifications for D3SB, action is the 220 v alternating current into direct current. 5. Filter capacitance, the specification is 180 u F / 400 v, is used to filter the ac ripple in the direct current, make the circuit work more reliable. 6. Op-amp IC ( Integrated circuit) , protection circuit, an important component of the voltage regulation. 7. Temperature probe to detect the internal temperature of the power adapter, when temperature is higher than a certain value, Different brand power adapter, the setting of slightly different temperature threshold) , the output voltage of the protection circuit will be cut off the adapter, thus protecting the adapter from being damaged. 8. High power switch tube, is one of the core components of switch power supply, switching power supply can be 'one on one off', switch tube. 9. One of the core components of switching transformer, switch power supply. 10. Secondary rectifier tube, the function is laid low voltage dc low voltage alternating current (ac). In IBM's power adapter, high-power rectifier is often made up of two parallel operation, in order to obtain larger output current. 11. Secondary filter capacitance, the specification is 820 u F / 25 v, a total of two, the ripple effect in low voltage direct current (dc). In addition to the above components, circuit boards and adjustable potentiometer and other rc components
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