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External Battery also be called mobile power.

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-15
Good external battery, the key we have to see is the battery's cells. The internal cells of mobile power just like a car's fuel tank and transmission system, responsible for providing endless power for the entire mobile power, Directly determine the external battery is good or bad. The board of external battery can be seen as a control system, is mainly used to be responsible for power distribution and conversion, convert the 3.7V lithium batteries (or higher) voltage into the standard 5V (or higher) voltage, supply power to the devices that need to be charged. The current external batteries generally use the lithium-ion battery, but the performance is varies, we can not distinguish from their sharp, and the general specifications label also can not reflect. Now Let's start from the batteries, step by step, to explore the mysterious world of mobile power. The lithium-ion battery, depending on the different electrolyte material used, can be divided into two categories of liquid lithium ion battery (LIB) and lithium ion polymer batteries (LIP). Both LIB and LIP 's positive and negative material is the same, cathode materials for lithium cobalt oxide, nickel cobalt manganese and lithium iron phosphate material these three kinds, and the extremely negative is graphite, their working principle is basically the same. Their main difference is the electrolytes, the liquid state lithium ion battery using a liquid electrolyte, and the lithium ion polymer batteries use the solid polymer electrolyte instead, Such polymers may be a 'dry state', and may be a 'colloidal', present, most use the polymer gel electrolyte. This is the introduction of the external and its cells, next article we will have a detail introduction of the mobile power cells, that is LiCoO2, LiNiCoMnO2 and LiFePO4. To purchase a good external battery, you can visit the website:, it sells all kinds of external battery and solar charger for Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Cell Phone and outdoor activities.
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