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fast vs. standard? pad or stand? these are our favorite wireless chargers

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-08
Wireless charging is one of the biggest changes in technology recently, with a lot of names in the game, from Apple to Samsung, LG, Motorola, and even Google.
In most cases, you can get the same charging speed as you normally use a wire.
Like power bricks and wires, there are many wireless charging boards of different shapes and sizes, from charging boards to brackets, and even twoin-
Or the wireless charger hidden in the photo frame.
This handy guide will make your purchase decisions less daunting-even fun!
Qi Wireless is the standard to make this process easier.
This is a technology that powers the wireless charging experience and is almost universally adopted in iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel.
Unfortunately, devices such as Apple watches and other smart watches may use proprietary chargers.
Yes, Apple\'s air power. -
It promised in 2017 to power charging pads for iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods ---
Still gone.
There are many options for Chargers.
At the time Apple began to include wireless charging, accessories manufacturers had released a large number of products.
It\'s a competitive market where Mophie, Belkin, Anker, Nomad, Nimble, South, Samsung and many other companies want you to choose its products.
There are also many other formats for wireless chargers.
Materials are available from plastic to leather and even metal.
Fortunately, these surfaces will not overheat due to wireless charging coil technology.
Manufacturers spend a lot of time ensuring that performance and user experience are up to standard.
A wireless charger that you definitely don\'t want to be too hot to use.
Like typical charging bricks and cables, the wireless charger can only charge as fast as the amount of electricity it receives.
Normal charging and fast charging can make a big difference, but need to be precise when choosing the model.
You need to make sure that the included power brick provides enough power for a quick charge.
For example, Apple includes a 5-
Each iPhone has a watt charger and is slow.
On the other hand, most of Samsung\'s smartphones put a quick charging brick in the box.
Both ways may charge your phone overnight, but there are ways to get faster and easier charging without plugging in the cable.
You need to upgrade to Apple 12-watt charger ($13. 99; amazon. com)
For the iPhone, or the third-
Fang Jie, such as an elite dual-port USB charger ($13. 99; amazon. com)
, Provide enough power for iPhone or Android devices.
If you\'re looking at a quickcharging or 10-
The Watt wireless charger may be equipped with a brick to power at such a fast speed.
Unfortunately, not all wireless chargers have a brick.
While a brick seems unnecessary for a wireless charger, providing enough power for quick charging is a key part of the equation ---
Therefore, you will need to purchase it separately if the charger does not come with it.
Anker PowerWave wireless charging board with fast charging wall adapter ($45. 99; amazon. com)
What if you can get a wireless charging board and a quick wall adapter at a high price?
End of charging board?
Well, Anker is bundling a adapter with a fast charging Wall and 6-foot cable.
The adapter allows PowerWave wireless charging boards to launch up to 10 watts of power, which is enough to quickly charge the iPhone, Google Pixel, or Samsung Galaxy.
PowerWave also includes internal cooling fans and defenseslip surface.
It\'s really a great bundle to charge your device quickly. Anker 10-
Watt wireless charging pile ($19. 99; amazon. com)
This charging pile costs only $19 and is affordable.
99, and provides speeds up to 10 watts.
This is a plastic holder that can work with the iphone and any phone that meets the Qi wireless charging standard of at least 7. 5 watts.
You can place your phone horizontally or vertically and it works in most cases.
One of the disadvantages is that it does not include power bricks. Satechi Type-
C fast wireless charger ($44. 99; amazon. com)
You may not know Satechi, but it is a fairly popular accessory manufacturer that specializes in providing hubs, connectors and chargers for mobile phones, tablets and even computers.
Its latest wireless charger focuses on speed, through the technology of charging coils and ports of its choice.
Use USB Type-
C, a faster, updated I/O port, Satechi can increase the wattage from 5 watts to 10 watts.
This will allow fast charging of the latest iphone, Samsung Galaxy Ys and Google Pixel.
Satechi also chose the ultra-thin round pad design with the built-in LED indicator light. At $44.
99, it\'s not the cheapest, but it\'s fast and stylish --
Find a solution
Desk Stand (Mophie)$59. 99; amazon. com)This made-for-
The IPhone stand comes with a solid metal base and a sliding charging board.
You can adjust the height, perfect for people with XS or XS Max.
There are charging cables and power bricks in the box.
It can charge up to 10 watts from the box.
Belkin enhanced wireless charging dock for IPhone Apple Watch USB-A Port ($139. 99; amazon. com)
Those looking all-in-
One solution for charging iPhone, Apple Watch and other devices will be very happy with the Belkin Boost Up wireless charging dock.
It will charge your iPhone and Apple Watch wirelessly in a stand-alone format, giving you easy access to them.
It has a USB interface.
There is a port on the back so you can charge almost any other device.
It will charge the iPhone at the fastest speed.
5 W, 5 W Apple Watch.
The entire dock is powered by a single cable and power adapter.
Wireless charging board (Belkin)$53. 99; amazon. com)
This new round wireless charging board is designed in a more fashionable way, charging faster.
Belkin includes a 5-
Provide up to 10 watts of foot cables and power bricks.
Like Anker, this can be charged in most cases.
In addition, Belkin offers black, white or pink.
12 South PowerPic ($69. 99; amazon. com)
If you want to be very cunning, or you are looking for a stylish way to put your phone on a bedside table or table, PowerPic from the 12 th district of the South may be your perfect choice
Looks like a typical 5-by-
7 photo frames but it packs a 10-
There is a watt wireless charger behind the photo.
You can swap the picture out and have it match the lock screen of your phone.
Wireless (mobile power)6,040mAh —$60. 78; amazon. com)(10,000mAh —$99. 95; amazon. com)
If you want a wireless charger that can be used as a portable battery pack, just check out Mophie\'s charging stream wireless power station. It packs a USB-A and a USB-
C port with 6,040 mAh or 10,000 mAh battery.
Increase the cooling factor to 10 with Qi-
Enabled the front that lets you drop your phone to charge.
Wireless charging base station hub version ($99. 95; amazon. com)
This stylish leather charging board allows you to power two devices wirelessly and plug in two other devices via USBA and USB-C ports.
Four whole-in-
One because it also has a dedicated power port on the back.
Like Nimble pad, Nomad uses recycled leather as an eco-materialFriendly design.
Whether you\'re charging hard-wired or wireless, all these outputs are fast enough
Fee Standard.
Note: The above price reflects the price tag of the retailer at the time of release.
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