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For the LED lamp application of 12 v1a power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-10
For us to have a good desk lamp is very important, a good desk lamp is not only to good quality, suitable for the LED desk lamp application the power adapter is also very important. The power supply at the bottom of the shell with matt frosted surface technology, surface cover highlights, using ultrasonic technology to achieve seamless assembly, moistureproof stain resistant and more beautiful and fashionable. Fire prevention materials, USES the high quality PC in charge to meet high level fire rating as well as to avoid the risk of leakage and combustion. Power volume is smaller, the conversion efficiency and heat dissipation ability demand will be high. Engineers through careful screening test, pick out the good quality components, optimize the circuit structure and production process, achieved a higher efficiency. The power adapter is of wide voltage input plan, in the case of over-voltage over-current protection lamp from harm. Let us in use desk lamp of more comfortable at the same time.
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