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Frequent phone explosion, improper charging primarily because of

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-06
Due to some problems such as fever, abnormal combustion, October 11, samsung recalled 190000 Note7 mainland China mobile phone. What circumstances the explosion probability of mobile phone will increase? How to safely use your mobile phone? With electronic to know about the below! Mobile phone suddenly explosion, more related to the improper charge. The recent explosion of electronic products, the vast majority of lithium battery explosion. Explosion not because of battery within and explosive material, but the battery in the process of charge and discharge due to internal pressure has increased dramatically, the shell is broken, and the residual stress will be launched with greater speed, such as screen glass explode and cause harm to people. So how to avoid the phone battery explosion at risk? 1,, mobile phone use original battery and the original charger. If you use a compatible charger, should choose to have 3 c safety certification and current matched charger. 2, to reduce the cell phone knock against. Because the cell phone battery use aluminum-plastic film soft bag, more easy to deformation after knock against. Electronic components prick if cell phones battery soft membrane, breakdown protection layer may lead to accidents, cause the battery spontaneous combustion or explosion. 3, don't put the phone in the car as far as possible under the front windshield, windowsill high temperatures or direct sunlight.
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