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From what respect to quickly identify the power adapter quality?

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-13
Power adapter from r&d to manufacturing in our country to control is very strict, as the development trend of intelligent product innovation, the domestic power adapter industry also is growing by leaps and bounds, the power of the different models, power adapter has the influx of a large number of our life, but due to price level, the management scale, production process, the difference between a as the manufacturing quality, the price of the power adapter, etc, also can make a big difference, so when the choose and buy, from what respect to quickly identify the power adapter quality? We can from what respect to quickly identify? First check the power transformer is the CCC certificate of qualified, the second point to see the identity of the power adapter, the third point check socket and plug the power adapter. In our country to control aspects of the power adapter, is belong to the category of national compulsory verification file directory. So regular power adapter commodity circulation in the Chinese market is through national mandatory verified, when your choose and buy power adapter, we first see nameplate identifier ( CCC certification) , moreover in the network query types of qualification certificate for the goods, if no problem, then we can choose the power adapter. When after the completion of the first step we look at interface and plug the power adapter, first determine the size of the DC head and whether or not you use the equipment, this is the most basic, if you are not match size that didn't also way, then watch the DC head will have loose case, if the power adapter interface instability will cause the whole machine of the current instability, can cause damage to equipment, safety accidents. Finally, see the identity of the power transformer, is it similar to the first point, but we're sure is the main parameters, all the information in a qualified power adapter, are indicated on the nameplate, such as voltage, current, power consumption levels, security, producers, etc. , of course, you are only applied in China must have Chinese label, and information will also be very complete.
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