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goal zero sherpa 100ac review: versatile mobile power pack banishes battery anxiety

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-09
Note: This article has been updated since its initial release to reflect the price of the zip tote bag.
Back in July, I wrote a new mobile power pack Sherpa 100AC about Goal Zero\'s launch.
While target Zero is known for making some very solid gear, the Sherpa 100AC is not really an outdoor sport.
This power pack is more about being able to power more and more mobile devices that consumers and professionals carry with them while traveling --
Sometimes it\'s hard to keep charging. With a 94. 7Wh Li-
Ion NMC battery, which slides under the FAA rule to prevent ultra-high electricity
Capacity lithium ion batteries carried from aircraft.
Despite the considerable power of the package, it is small enough to be easy to carry and offers plenty of charging options
Including an AC socket
OLED displays are even integrated.
Here\'s what I think about the zero Sherpa 100AC target after a few weeks of testing.
The reputation for achieving target zero is smart, and the reputation for functional design target zero is a product with attractive design, good structure, and a clever touch.
Sherpa 100AC met expectations. It’s light (about 2 lbs)
, And attach the premium feeling of aluminum.
A narrow strip of black silicon or rubber extends the length, top and bottom of the power supply group.
At first glance, they are accents, but they are a rough surface, so aluminum does not slide on a smooth desktop.
Both the charging port and the integrated OLED display are at the front.
The back is a small cooling fan housing.
Black and neon green color scheme?
It stays alive through black and green charging cables that neatly plug into the slots on the side of the power supply group. Lightning, USB-
The C and Micro USB versions are included, so you can make sure that you always have the required cables on hand.
For an extra $15, the target zero sellsan is available in a black zip tote bag with a traditional green color on the logo.
So many charging options. . .
Although the Sherpa 100AC has a portable size, it offers a complete range of charging options.
Two USB-
Port C with a rated power of 60 W per port.
There is a pair of 2. 4A USB-A ports.
There is even a 100 w ac socket.
The top is the Qi wireless charging board.
These options should meet the power needs of almost any mobile device.
The first challenge for Sherpa 100AC is how to charge.
There is no power adapter in the box.
The only power input I can find is the power input used by the optional solar panel.
Then I suddenly thought of dual USB-
Port C supports PD (Power Delivery)
, Which means they can be used to output power (charge devices)
It is also possible to automatically switch to the input to charge the battery of Sherpa 100ac.
I connect to the backup power adapter and charge the power group.
By the way, it may take a while, depending on the charger. With the 2.
The 4A charger I used took a whole day, but Goal Zero said it only took 2 to use the right charger. 5 hours —
It\'s better to put the charger on the wall in the box instead of the threefoot USB-A to USB-
Provide cables to connect yourself. . .
Sherpa 100AC charges multiple smartphones and other devices at home at the same time, and will not sweat you.
The 25,600 battery can charge my iPhone 7 Plus eight times.
One of the key features of Sherpa 100AC is its integrated 100 w ac socket.
I plugged in a gaming laptop with no battery and used it for more than 30 minutes (
Blowing all the time with the cooling fan of Sherpa 100ac).
When I run Fortnite with all the graphic settings reaching the maximum, Sherpa 100AC finally cried uncle and turned it off showing a message that exceeded the maximum power and needed to be restarted
OLED displays prove useful again).
A quick check on the laptop power adapter shows that it is rated at 135 W, which is my disadvantage. . .
More reasonable (and realistic)
Test, I ran 13-
The Inch MacBook Air was turned off for about eight hours on the Sherpa 100AC.
The fan of the Power pack has never been turned on, and is rarely even warm to touch.
OLED display is useful.
It shows information such as battery percentage and fully charged time, but also details such as current consumption on a specific port can be thoroughly understood.
One problem here is that I found the text very small.
It may be my age show, but even with reading glasses I have to squinted to see some.
It\'s very crisp though. The Verdict?
Target Zero Sherpa 100AC power pack is a powerful highpowered, multi-
Purpose power group.
If you travel with a bunch of gadgets
Smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, DSLR, tablets and even laptops-
Sherpa 100AC can\'t expect to be able to access the power outlet on demand, it helps a lot in eliminating battery anxiety. With its $299.
99 MSRP, Sherpa 100AC is more expensive than bringing some traditional power banks.
You can buy cheap ones on Amazon.
But for the extra cash expenses, you can get a device with integrated cable storage, a huge charging option (
Air conditioning socket and wireless pad included)
And the highest capacity battery you can bring on the plane.
Remember to pack a lot less.
OLED display removes speculation from battery and charge management.
The option to add Sherpa 100ac, by adding solar panels to the mix, being green and cutting off the power cord, is a solution that is hard to beat.
For many travelers, the premium price is worth it.
Target Zero Sherpa 100AC will be available from September 18, and at the same time, you can learn more here.
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