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grandtec usb to hdmi adapter

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-08
You may have seen colleagues or colleagues using multiple LCD displays on their computer workstations.
Research from the University of Utah has shown that the use of multiple displays can significantly improve the productivity of workers.
Multiple monitors can be integrated if the computer has DVI or HDMI output, but there are still very few computers equipped with this feature.
At present, less than 2% of workstations are equipped with more than one monitor.
A simpler solution is needed. A new USB-
The recent introduction of the HDMI adapter module may help.
Grand tec electronic \"Grand HD cinema \"(GHD-2000)
Adjust the USB port as output for up to 6 monitors (4 for Mac).
This is also an easy way to implement an HDTV adapter for a laptop.
This module is about the size of the AC adapter power supply for the laptop.
Unlike competitors, integrated circuit chips and software drivers, the \"Display Link\" technology.
The key chips used by Display Link technology are manufactured by a company called Display Link (
Original Newnham Technology, website: display link. com).
Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the company conducts research and product development in Cambridge, UK.
Display link is a chip-free operation, so the manufacture of integrated circuits may be carried out in Taiwan.
32-enabled display link technology
Bit color in all resolutions.
Whenever a native resolution can be detected, display link will automatically display the native resolution of the screen.
High definition video output format (720p)
, Also integrates the audio function of a single channel.
Display link also provides most of the software that automatically configures video adapters and USB ports.
Display link compresses the video signal transmitted through the USB link to increase the bandwidth.
Video signals, especially high-definition TV signals, require huge bandwidth when they are not compressed.
If the original source is a coded video (see MPEG)
The computer must then decode the signal first.
The display link software driver must then compress the signal using the proprietary display link video compression codec.
This is basically transcoding, which is one of the reasons why the computer needs a lot.
The compressed signal is then sent to the adapter via the USB link.
Once the signal is over the USB link, the converter will decompress the signal to broadcast over the HDMI link.
HDMI is capable of transmitting uncompressed HDTV signals.
There\'s some misleading information.
Claiming that the product has a product line with HDCP functionality means that the system is compatible with BluRay DVD.
Since the compression codec of display link cannot operate the encryption package, the current display link technology does not conform to HDCP.
Due to the throughput limitations of the USB 2, fast moving images may highlight the capabilities of this technology. 0.
The minimum computer requirement for the computer to require this application is an XP or Vista operating system with a Pentium 4 CPU or equivalent to 2. 4GHz.
The minimum RAM memory requirement is 512 MB.
The converter module relies on the computer CPU to perform video encoding.
The product is plug and play with software and should be installed quickly.
The power supply of the converter comes from the USB port, so there is no need for AC power supply.
Video Waltham can implement a \"video wall\" of up to 6 monitors, but only a single audio channel can be used.
Pictures of Each screen can rotate independently in increments of 90 degrees.
Extended desktop video is supported by the system (
Single Image segmentation on multiple monitors)
Or mirror imaging (
Same image displayed on multiple monitors). A separate USB-
In extended desktop mode, an HDMI adapter module is required for each monitor.
Multiple USB
HDMI adapter, individual programming can be displayed for each monitor.
The limitation will be the ability of the computer to code each channel, because the process requires a lot of calculation.
Nowadays, many people watch TV and movies with computers.
Need to be able to easily view the computer\'s signal on a larger hd TV.
Grand tec Grand HD Cinema is perfect for this purpose.
Grand HD cinema is currently on sale-line for $130-$150.
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