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'Green' power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-24
Along with the social modernization process accelerated, as human's good helper, electronic products has become an indispensable part of life: keep necessary phone, cannot leave computer work, also want to bring out the camera & hellip; … And these devices, without exception, will need a good, environmental protection and human power adapter. In order to adapt to the demand of modern life, the company after years of development, this year introduced a SK02T series can be in feet six levels of energy efficiency of the power adapter products, through the upgrading of traditional products, meet the international social policy, charging and humanized design of many modern electronics demand, become the power adapter industry & other; Green version & throughout; Transformation. , beginning in 2016 countries around the world for environmental requirements of the power adapter is more and more strict, and put forward to achieve the six levels of energy efficiency standards, the United States energy department in February this year began to enforce, China also officially launched this year six levels of energy efficiency requirements. This also means that based on the traditional power adapter will no longer fit for the demand of the market capacity, SK02T series products are in such a market environment for research and development, and listed on finale. It is understood that SK02T product rated input voltage range is 100 - From 90 to 240 vac, the input voltage 264 v can meet customer requirements, to meet the demand of the world voltage, output voltage range is 2. 8 - 30 VDC and output current range from 0. 1 - 2. 5 a, fully meet the requirements of the energy efficiency level 6, will also be able to meet the requirements of different countries electronic terminal voltage for the product. In addition to the energy use & other; Green & throughout; Besides, this product have a lot of new luminescent spot in the industry leads the way. First of all, SK02T in design is full of green, natural beauty, on modelling is contracted, classic through ergonomics design, smooth and natural line design, fit people's habits, using black and white color also generous concise, are well received by the customers at home and abroad. Secondly, the product fully consider the different countries, different parts of the electronic products production and the needs of the practical situation, adopted in the design of the foot, makes the users only need to purchase a product, can adapt to the requirement of different power supply environment. It the appearance of the size of 75. 8 * 42. 5 * 26. 5 mm, you can easily, greatly facilitate the people often travel and business trip. Finally, the control of the security performance of the company's products are very strict, SK02T series products passed the CB, CE, GS, CCC, PSE, RCM, UL, ETL, KC, KCC, such as the safety certificate, for your electronic products use provides the guarantee of the safe and stable, and you travel all the way to provide comfortable, secure partner.
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