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here comes apple\'s new iphone headset

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-09
User ppdigital (MoneyWatch)
A new patent application shows that Apple is considering a new iPhone headset design that combines a Bluetooth wireless connection with a wired connection for communication or charging the headset.
Filed on Dec.
29, 2011 and today\'s public patent applications are called wireless communication headsets in both wired and wireless modes. Why both?
Apple\'s explanation: the design of relatively small and lightweight Bluetooth headsets is usually desirable in order to provide relatively good comfort and suitability when installed on the user\'s ears, and a relatively beautiful look.
However, the Bluetooth headset is relatively small in shape and usually requires a relatively short battery life, which requires a relatively frequent charge, usually using a power adapter plugged into a wall power outlet.
The necessity of charging the headset in this way makes it relatively impractical for the Bluetooth headset to be used for long conversations.
In addition, Bluetooth headsets usually require a relatively short and smooth communication path between the headset and its related cellular phones in order to provide effective transmission of radio frequency (\"RF\")data signals.
If there is some interference (e. g.
Electrical activity from physical obstacles, distances, or from other devices)
, The Bluetooth headset may not be able to communicate effectively with the relevant device, forcing the user to go directly to the phone to talk, or to use another headset that depends on a direct wired connection to the phone.
Apple\'s solution is to provide Bluetooth connection and cable options.
According to the patent application, the headset will have the following functions: the ability of Bluetooth and cable connection cables to power the headset, and the low communication ability to switch between two cables to disable wireless communication when battery power drops, and the cable is not connected to the connector, according to the application, the cable can communicate through the headset, you can also simply charge the headset at the user\'s discretion.
A potential problem is that charging the headset will drain the phone\'s battery.
But it also allows people on the road to charge the iPhone and headphones at the same time without the need for a separate dock for the headphones.
Trend news live: Tony Award Ali Strock won Tony\'s deadly crane collapse trophy hunting documentary, and of course the company won\'t necessarily implement all the ideas they \'ve developed, and Apple may not launch such a device.
However, the scheduling and the large number of cancellations listed in the app indicate that Apple has placed the app on a fast track for release, presumably, to be approved, it sounds like a new iPhone headset may be released later this year, probably when the company finally announced the iPhone 5.
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