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High efficiency and energy saving 65 w desktop type power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-22
As one of famous manufacturers of domestic power industry, the power adapter products has always been with solid quality, outstanding performance won numerous users. Recently, electronic further expand its product range, efficient 65 w desktop type power adapter. The new SK06T power adapter supports 100 v ~ 240 v wide voltage input, suitable for users around the world. SK06T power adapter in the aspect of design quality, pure black rectangle body, size of 111. 5 * 50 * 30 mm. Adopted by the high quality the stability of inductance and capacitance sufficient protection circuit, the insulation shield, in use process more secure. Has adopted the cooling effect is better in heat dissipation material of copper, the cooling performance is more outstanding. In addition to security, this power adapter and the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, with enough copper materials, electrical conductivity is strong, small power loss. Enclosure and wire material is environmentally friendly materials, comply with ROHS standard.
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