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High-end power adapter with low power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-17
The power adapter on the market, there are a lot of the same power of power supply products, prices can sometimes vary more than dozens of yuan. This is because the power adapter for circuit scheme and materials, and other electronic products is high low, so the difference between here and where is it? Such as a gauge of the power supply, first of all, we went up from the material of shell. High-grade power even scratch appearance, texture and brightness is not the same, because it is a new fire and plastic injection. And the feeling of low-grade appearance looks not shiny, gray. Because it is made of recycled plastic, the price of raw materials are several times. Second, we can see the metal part of the material and plating. Many high-end power exposed metal is copper nickel plating, or the thickness of the plating will be thick, brightness is higher, because the high-end power adapter to do salt spray test pass. So, sometimes we will find out how long a few bucks to buy phone charger not plug is rusted, and the original brand mobile phone charging is used for a long time there will be rusty phenomenon. If you know a little electronic, you can put the power adapter anatomy, low power adapter, charger is commonly use triode scheme, it has no integrated IC to control, is just a transformer and triode self-excited oscillation. Some very cheap charger even only a rectifier diode, then may filter capacitor behind all have no, or there is a small electric only a rectifier diode, photoelectric coupling element and voltage regulator IC. In front of the fuse. There is no security, radiation is big, pose a threat to human health. Power adapter in line with the safety rules, each element has security concerns, the overall power adapter passed safety certification, circuit internal overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, short circuit protection function, such as better to use appliances and power adapter itself high protection function, let the life of appliances and power supply are longer.
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