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High power maintenance steps and methods of the power adapter _

by:Fuyuang     2021-01-07
High power maintenance steps and methods of the power adapter, 2020-1042 06 - 04 16:42:18' High power maintenance steps and methods of the power adapter & quot; What are the? First, we need to check where there is a problem, if it is a line fault, including the power cord damage have no electricity, poor contact oxidation and so on. Focusing on the input and output line have electricity. If the circuit malfunction, can be solved by changing the power cord, etc. If insurance or explosion burn out, please check under 300 v voltage rectifier bridge, diode, switch, and large filter capacitor. It may lead to insurance fever and black, or it may be caused by the anti-interference circuit. In particular, it should be noted that the power supply control chip and current resistor is usually due to the breakdown of the switch tube burn down. Thermistors are also easy to burn out insurance. If there is a component problem, because the current power adapter has a lot of patch components, once a component appear problem, the difficulty of maintenance is even greater. Power adapter power is also increasing, so the electronic component testing is more and more big. If the power adapter to use electronic components quality was not up to standard and PCB wiring is not appropriate, may increase the likelihood of failure. Then observe the changes of computer indicator light: if you insert the power adapter, you can see the charging light is lit up and go out, time has not disappeared. This is the question about which laptop power adapter interface. In general, the wire may rupture, aging of the circuit board, welding. This is known as a virtual false welding welding phenomenon. Related problem: the cause of the explosion power adapter: ( 1) The power adapter and charger products heat dissipation is not good, 2) The poor quality of the core of the power transformer ( 3) The power adapter IC or charger power equipment quality is poor; ( 4) The power adapter products parameter design is not reasonable, 5) Poor adapter production process. Conclusion: so, when buying power adapter, charger, please make sure the regular brand power and manufacturers, so as to avoid personal safety and property safety damage caused by explosion. Please rest assured that choice, the choice of using at ease.
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