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High power type of desktop power adapter mechanical equipment can be used

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-24
Desktop power adapter series products science and technology, power can do 48 w / 65 w / 75 w / 96 w / 150 w, contracted appearance generous, shell surface is frosted surface, material adopts PC + ABS materials, products adopt the highlighted surface design. Heat resistance is strong, where V0 fire rating standard. Products applicable to: massager, machinery and equipment, the company can be customized according to customer's request! Desktop power supply products raw materials have been strictly inspection certification, product quality and safety to ensure the power supply itself; Imported IC design and multiple circuit safety, effective prevent over current, over voltage and short circuit phenomenon, keep stable output voltage, better protect access to the equipment. You can appreciate the images to learn more about high-power desktop type power adapter!
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