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How do you use the USB charger, car charger _

by:Fuyuang     2021-01-13
How do you use the USB charger, car charger, 2020-1023 05 - 21 10:53:49 along with the development of the automotive interconnect technology in recent years, mobile phone contact with car is more and more closely, it is also directly contributing to cell phone power consumption faster, so the car charger was born, and quickly spread to most of the owners. Car charger is for the convenience of the owner with car power charge for digital products accessories anytime and anywhere. Regular for car battery ( 12 v cars, trucks, 24 v) Power supply of car charger, extensive use in a variety of lithium battery field portable, handheld devices, such as: mobile phone, PDA, GPS, etc. ; Car charger should not only consider the actual demand of lithium batteries ( Constant voltage CV, constant current CC, overvoltage protection OVP) And a bad car battery (give attention to two or morethings Transient peak voltage, the system switching noise, EMI, etc. ) ; This car charger scheme selection of power management IC must meet at the same time, resistance to high pressure, high efficiency, high reliability, low frequency, For the design of EMI) The switching power supply chip. At present some high-end car charger generally includes two USB interface, can recharge two digital products at the same time, of course, only a USB interface. This kind of product is generally has the overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection, four heavy security protection function, can ensure safe use. Car charger in the car at the same time, can also be home, car charger, direct charger, USB charger as one multi-functional purposes. Car charger can not only through the car adapter, cigarette lighter recharge mobile phones, but also through the computer USB interface for charging mobile phones. Due to the low car provided by the voltage, so the car charger inside you just need to have overload protection circuit. The front end of the car charger socket design has an insurance tube, when the current exceeds overload protection circuit can withstand range, fuse fusing immediately, protect. Note: must be in the car engine starting to charge!
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