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How long can laptop adapter be used?
Laptop adapter of Fuyuan Electronic Co., Ltdg has relatively long service life than that of other brands. As the productivity and profitability of our business depend on the performance of our product, we attach great importance to their reliability and lifespan. With technology capability, we continuously look for increased reliability for our products and reduce the risk of costly failures.

With economic developing, Fuyuang continues to be introducing higher technology to manufacture li ion battery charger. Fuyuan focuses on providing a variety of laptop adapter for customers. Fuyuang switching adapter adopts streamlined production process to minimize waste. Adopting a closed plastic housing design, the product is extremely durable. This product contributes to the balance of heel stress after long-term use. It helps improve step balance and foot strength. The product has been certified under CE, FCC, UL, and BS.

We regularly ask our stakeholders for comment and feedback on our sustainability program. We work towards our targets over the year and monitor our progress quarterly to make sure that we are meeting them.
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